ok we need a LV matchmaker

  1. ever noticed how frustrating it is when something you want is available in another country but completely sold out or unavailable in your own.

    we need an LV match making service

    somebody who can pick up the item you need next time they are at the boutique (or eluxury) and send them to you, then no need to pay through the nose for new items on ebay that are not sold out and no need to panic that you might have bought a fake

    Granted I have only put a little bit of thought into this and I'm sure there are problems but on the surface it's not a bad idea.

    what do you think?

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  2. I like that idea, but isn't the market plaza already covering this ground?
  3. i thought the market plaza was people reselling( is that right?), the match maker would be pre arranged i.e

    pfer 1 to pfer 2: Hi I going to LV today

    pfer 2; oh great pick me up a XXXX

    but obviously I little more organised than that example
  4. Ohh that is a shame!

    Good idea, though:smile:
  5. slightly different topic (sorry label addict) but how do you get an invite to the market plaza? (is it hand picked according to past buying/selling history here?) i've submitted application twice but haven't heard anything and it's been months!