ok we did a listing, but it doesn't turn up in search? what's wrong w/ it?

  1. Lately it has been taking really long for listings to show up. It sucks because of how much listing fees are for them to screw you over with losing half a day.
  2. Yah, some of my listings took a long time to show up...I was boring with eBay!!! :rant:
  3. It takes about 12-24 hours of an auction to show up on search, and each time you revise the auction it will disappear again from search and back in que to be reviewed by eBay - so another 12 hours not showing up on search.
  4. Best of luck selling your item. You are VERY brave to list it without a reserve.
  5. Alas, these days listings, particularly for high end items, take ages to show up. I recently listed an LV and it took 24 hours to show up, but is now there. Of course, one has lost 24 hours of selling time by then . . . .grrr.
  6. I think you may be able to overcome this by scheduling your item to start in 24 hrs. But there is a fee for this.