ok vote time for the new stickies!!!!

  1. Ok,Jo came up with a couple of the easiest and best ideas to use and keep up to date with,how do these sound?

    1 Modelling Pictures (giving heights,leathers,styles etc) no chatting
    2 Picture Reference Library, all styles,colors,leathers and dates if possible. no chatting.

    Both of these will naturally update as time passes etc and they may be all out of synch at first,but at least there is something there to send newbies to to help them out!!

    PLUS!!!! How many are going to want these threads up and running before Christmas day!!!! I'm sure they will be innundated with lots of pics of drunk Mulberry owners trying to model their bags!!!:graucho:

    So shall we vote and then ask Swanky to install them for us? Or is there any more ideas??
  2. I think Jo`s idea was the best , nice and easy and easy to read .

    I will be one of those drunk Mulberry owners modelling their bags if I get the red Mabel:nuts:
  3. No more ideas please! Decision by committee is always a nightmare. Jo's ideas sound great, let's go for it. Before Christmas would be great, want to see modelling pics of all those parcels that are sitting under trees right now.
  4. Yes boss !!

    Only kidding :p
  5. That's me! :yes:
  6. Kewl....sounds like a plan.
    I'll PM Swanky and ask her to look at this thread and see if they can install the stickies
    I think we should also post a thread in the general handbag category inviting Mulberry owners to please post their pics in our Designer Forum - the more photos/info we get - the better....yes? If ya'll think it's a good idea...chaz, can you take the ball and run with it????
  7. sarajane :smartass::

    P.s This is all in good fun !!(I hope)

  8. Absolutely!! My first ever boss named me 'the bolshy cow' - he was spot on. :smile:
    If we ever have to complain about anything my DH always sends me in!!
  9. Can't wait:smile:
  10. How about a comments thread though, that way if somebody looks totally stunning modelling their bag (like Plain_Jane_Too) we can call them out as a complete liar and a fraud for having a nick like Plain_Jane_Too :roflmfao:
  11. Well i think it's a fab idea - but i would seeing as i came up with it!!!!!:p
  12. No worries,as soon as the stickies are in place I'll get networking!!!:tup:

  13. FAB....I did PM Swanky asking her to post ASAP and gave her the reason why (upcoming sale - would be so helpful to tpfers to have reference shots, etc).
  14. Hahahahaha!!! I just pm'd her too!!! Oops!!! At least she'll know we've made up our minds now and stopped messing about!!!:roflmfao:
  15. I'm a newbie to this forum, but have participated in other established subforums on TPF...I have a humble suggestion!

    I propose to sticky the Celebrity Mulberry Coveters thread, as it tends to be very popular and useful on the other subforums!