OK! Vote Now Lady / GGH tomato VS GSH Violet


Which one would you prefer ?



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  1. it a tough decision , i know.
    look like Violet & tomato Have FANS.... LOL

    Let 's put it this way
    if you can only buy one?

    Tomato is HOT type of red it 's will never go out of style so do violet???

    i just wanted to know , Violet or Tomato is more rare ?!! and unique...

    vote now people !! i need your sounds of reason !!!
    531646.jpg 173082-5140-A.jpg
  2. <<< :love:violet:love: ... so yummy!
  3. I am going to vote for violet but I am a die hard fan of this color and I have been waiting forever for Bal to come out with purple!!!~ I missed out on eggplant! They always come out with red if you can look at it that way. (The tomato is gorgeous too~ you have a tough decision and best of luck!)
  4. I'm completely biased LOL. Red is my favourite colour!
  5. I voted for tomato since I don't see myself getting sick of a red bag ever. Its classic and yet modern.
  6. Violet.. Baised too.. I love purple..
  7. tomato gets my vote!
  8. I love the violet !
  9. Violet is definitely gorgeous, but I think Tomato might be more "timeless".
  10. what do u mean by timeless?
    can use longer all years if u get tomato?
  11. I don't like GGH. If both were SGH it would be really difficult, but as it is I vote violet!
  12. I voted for the violet but they are both SOOOOO Gorgeous I would want one of each!
  13. violet! because there are so many other red bags out there, even from different brands! but not many come out with such a deep beautiful shade of violet! and it goes so well with the GSH! that's my dream bag! :smile:
  14. ya i decide for violet at the begin when i first saw both of them.
    but be'coz i have a huge crush on GGH. i'm not really a GSH fans!
    however the purple doesnt go so well with the GGH.

    so ya' i gona purchase Violet. & will post up my new bag when i'm get it.

    thanks people~
  15. GSH cause I dont like the GGH.

    Although for Tomato you have posted - I might just change my mind.

    Okay forget it, can you undo my vote? I changed my mind. LOL.