Ok...umm..another 2 new bags ..

  1. Hey..i have been really bad lately! i have just purchased another 2 bags... im beginning to wonder why im not satisfied with just 1!! always in the search of a new bag right after another purchase!:shrugs:

    So..would i be able to justify that i bought 3 bags in the space of one month is cause i haven't been away on a holiday this year and not planning to till next year?? And tecnically its two as i sold my nintendo wii, clothes and shoes to fund it. But of course it means i will be on a purse ban starting from now till next autumn!

    :confused1: Thats what im telling myself...i worked hard for those money..and the 3 bags are the equalivent of 1 (well bit more but not much) bag of this seasons of chloe! Is that enought justification?? :rolleyes:

    ANyhoo...guilt kinda slided down abit..so i like to show you my new Chain betty patent tote in Burgandy!!! Can i just say i love it! its absolutely gorgeus!! i love the style..the colour..everything!! its soo yummy!:tup:

    I also bought a large betty in chamois colour which i am waiting for it to arrive! so when it does i will post pics again! its wierd, when the betty first came out i wasn't sure of the style but after seeing people with it, its really nice! also the amount of pockets... you can lose things in that haha

    But just a quick question - See the chain strap..when i put it on my shoulder, the chloe sign printed onto the strap is not visible! i know its the front of the strap! but when i wear it its underneath and if i turn it round to face the up way..the chain is not sitting right, it does but its kinda uncomfortable like its cutting me! is that normal???? I bought this bag on eBay of leshent and i have got told on the forum that they sell authentic stuff so i know its not fake..just want to know whether its just fault to the bag??
    chloe betty 1.jpg chloe betty 2.jpg chloe betty 4.jpg
  2. Congrats on your Betty's, I know you are going to love both of them. The Chloe imprint is on the underside of the chain Betty. I did have that bag in chocolate, but returned it to BG and it was the same way, beautiful bag, but the chain wasn't for me.
    Know what you mean about the 'search for the new bag' right after a purchase, guess that's why we are 'obsessed.':yes:
  3. Congratulations - they are fabulous! I am sure that they will be classic bags and it is very wise of you to buy a set that are so different to each other.
  4. Oh gorgeous, congrats!! And the chamois is a beautiful neutral colour, cannot wait to see it too!
    I have the same thing with Bettys, I wasn't that interested when they first came out but now I'd love to get one too..!!!:yes::drool: Or two!:push:

  5. Ooh i see! phew.. glad to know there wasn't a fault! I used the patent betty earlier on and erm i think i need to get use to the chain...felt it was kinda heavy... i love it soo much so i must suffer or at least get used to it for abit! i love the gold/silver clash they use - beautiful

    Thanks guys! i will post pics when i get the other one!
  6. beautiful your a very lucky lady!
  7. Pekie, you are hooked - the Chloe bug has got ya! :sos:

    The Chloe stamp is on the underside of the handle on all my Betty's so that is quite normal :yes:
  8. Balchlfen...i think it has !!! i don't know whether is a bad or good thing!!! well after this spree thats me with bags! Im happy with what i got and thats the truth!:rolleyes:
  9. Great bag congrats!
    Don't try to justify just enjoy...it's an addiction, you are sick but so are all of us :p
  10. :yes: your right...glad i found this place so i can express my happiness lol
  11. Your bags are pretty, don't feel guilty!
  12. I have two chain Betties - the chocolate patent one and a mastic python and I love the vibe of both of them. Sure - the chain is a tad unwieldy but who cares? (Although I did return the large Betty chain handled tote. NOT because it was so uncomfortable - I just liked the smaller Betty better!) I always tell my kids anything goes as long as you LOOK GOOD. That way if they wanted purple hair and it looked cute on them I would never complain. It sort of nipped the rebelliousness in the bud. So looking good is everything. Comfort - YAwn......
  13. I really love the chain betty...so gorgues!! I have been using for a few days now and i think i got used to it..sure it gets a bit sore after 4 hrs of solid carrying but i think that applies to any bag! is it the same weight as a paddy? as i think its lighter! I know it can be a heavy bag so i dont go carrying loads of things that i dont need! wow you sound like a cool mum..if i turn up with purple hair..my mum will kill me lol
  14. Love the betty! Yes, not going on holiday = a bag!
  15. Congrats on the new bags! I've always loved the Betty style. :smile: