OK, two questions

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  1. How come eluxury never has a Speedy 35?, do they just not stock it at all? How much do they go for???

    I've finally decided to buy a 30, but if the 35 is only a little more money, I would go with that one instead...

    OH, one more, why is the Papillon 30 so much more expensive than the 26? Is it that much bigger? Do the straps fit over your shoulder?
  2. http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10295973&searchString=speedy+35

    Yes the straps will fit over your shoulder on the 30 and it comes with a little pap /makeupcase sorta deal..


  3. They do sometimes, you just gotta punch it in the search.
  4. I think that each speedy only has a price difference of $20 between it and the next size up. If you like the 35 better and need the room, I say go for it!
  5. I think there is a huge difference in size between the 25 and 30 Speedys. I have had them both and I realize the size really isn't that much different, but it's more how much the zipper opens up that seems really different. Anyone else feel that way? I find I can't really get in the 25 very well, looking for things, etc. The 30 is a really good size if you love to pack a lot in. It's also great for travel, when you have to pack all that last minute stuff in your purse that you're running around the house forgetting! ;) For me the 35 would just be waaay too big for an everyday, but I don't really carry all that much.
  6. The Papillon 30 is way bigger than 26 and it does fit over your shoulder. Congrats on deciding to get a Speedy.