Ok - Twiggy experts time for some help please!

  1. Just purchased a gorgeous Black Twiggy without the cards/tags.

    How would I determine what year it is from? It was initially listed as an 07' and then corrected to 06' - is there a way I can know for certain?


  2. Not an expert, but what alphabet does your twiggy has on the tag?
  3. The twiggy has a leather tag, so it only has the standard numbers on the back... :push:
  4. I woudl try to define your twiggy based on its color. I know that's a feat if it were black or white. But why don't you post some pics so the rest of us can help you solve the mystery?
  5. It's black - so thats my problem!

    I was hoping there was some special secret way of finding out what year a bag was from - even if it was black or white.
  6. Hee hee lucky I opened my post with 'not an expert' ;)

    When did the seller buy it?
  7. Not sure when she purchased it. She initially thought it was an 07' but then said it was an 06'.

    I know that there are a few PF'ers what know their twiggies inside out, so I'm sure someone will have some special secret tip.

  8. I dont think is it possible to tell the leather tag black bags, but I wouldn't worry about it as long as you are happy with the leather. Enjoy your bag!
  9. ^agree. but how about thickness of leather? 06 is thinner and more shiny, yes? more veiny? just an idea.
  10. I don't think there were any major changes from '06-'07 in terms of number of stitches on the handles, etc. The feel/look of the leather might be the only clue!
  11. I'm no Twiggy expert, but I do have a black twiggy (noir) 07' and comparing your pictures to mine they look similar, but it's hard to tell, what do you think?

    These were all taken w/ flash...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Neptune, I think you may be right!

    Thanks for the comparison pics!
  13. I don't think they made any changes to the Twiggy recently, so I don't think that there is a way to tell. After they shortened the handle and changed the rivets in 05, I don't think there were additional changes. I will compare one of my 06 to 07 and report back if I find anything!

    I wish you well,

  14. Ah... the twiggy queen has come to the rescue :flowers: if anyone can figure it out, I'm sure you can!

    Thanks Bridget - that would be great.

    Regardless of the year, its awsome anyway

  15. Okay, this is what I have come up with.

    I used mm for the measurements because I find it more accurate than inches, sorry, just the way I grew up!

    This is a sneak peek of my 04 Rose, that I have not introduced on the forum yet. Thank you so much to LovelyGarmets, she will get part of her own thread, but I used her here for an example!

    I compared the Rose F/W (03) 2004 with the Sky Blue S/S (01) 2005, then a basic comparison between Black S/S (01) 2004 and Rose F/W (03) 2004.

    The inner tag between 04 and 05 remains unchanged in terms of size, but it seems they added something inside the tag to make it stiffer. The font and what they printed appear unchanged too.


    The length and the way the inner tassel is tied changed, in 05 they shortened the inner tassel to current length and started tying with the tension loop instead of the simple knot. I will post a picture later, I didn't take a new one, I have an old one showing F/W 04 black vs. 05 Sky Blue S/S.

    The length of the handles changed. 04 has 20 whip stitches between the two flat ones, or 22 total stitches, vs. 05 and current length of 16, or 18 if counting each stitch.


    I also didn't take a picture of 04 S/S 05 vs current rivets showing the big flat one, vs smaller, more curved, notched rivet. But that is kind of dodgy in 05 with some being flat, some being notched, so it's not a defintive difference. More just something to note.

    The studs changed : ) 04 studs are flatter and measure 7mm accross the top of the stud, whereas 05 measures 06mm accross the top and definitely looks "conier" and more pointed! It's pretty clear if you look at the bottom right stud.


    More in the next post.

    I wish you well,

    0405 Inner tag comp.jpg 0405 Handle comp.jpg 0405 Stud comp.jpg 0405 Smiley Comp.jpg 0404 Smiley comp.jpg