Ok...try to decipher this one!

  1. I was at the Astros game yesterday and I saw a very well-dressed woman with Chanel sunglasses and a GORGEOUS purse.
    I didn't recognize it at all and I'll try to describe it so maybe someone might know what it is.

    It was black with pebbly, soft slouchy leather, almost a squarish shape with double handles, brass hardware and largish brass rings attaching the handles to the bag. It had a center zip opening and even though the leather was soft and slouchy looking...it wasn't a slouchy shaped bag.
    There was a brass emblem on the front that was like a coat of arms or something similar...it reminded me of a door knocker and the designer name or some wording was on the "knocker" part of the emblem.

    Sound at all familiar to you experts?
  2. Tory Burch? She has a big emblem type thing on her bags...
  3. That's not it but I like the black patent tote!

  4. Dolce and Gabbana has a black longish tote that has a DG on the front, but it possibly could have been a Miu Miu as well. With bags, the possibilities are endless!:smile:
  5. miu miu is a big possibility...'scuse me while I search!
  6. No...not Miu Miu. :sad:

    The emblem thingy was something specific. Like the designer logo or something and it was shaped just like a door knocker.
  7. Lockheart? They like to use big, heavy hardware.
  8. Was it like this? (Ferragamo is the only bag I can think of with a "door knocker" detail.)
  9. mockinglee and pseub...thanks for your suggestions but no. :sad:
    Maybe it wasn't a designer bag but the leather looked SO rich and luxurious I just KNEW it was!
  10. Hey DeAnna, is your pup a Cavalier????
  11. She's a papillon.
    I love Cavaliers, though!
  12. The only other brand I can think of with big emblems is Thomas Wylde but I can't find one that might be it.

    ETA: Oh, maybe Juicy Couture Fairytale bags?
  13. Oh, her face looks just like my little tricolor Cavalier.

  14. Did it look like this?


    If so, it is Gucci.Here it is in all leather. It is the Aviatrix.

    gucci new3.jpg aviatrix (2).jpg
  15. Or maybe Ralph Lauren?