OK Trouble Makers I am a MOMMY to my 1st B-BAG

  1. My bag came today at 11:00 AM and MY HUBBY was home.LOL ANYWAY when I opened the box he said WOW!!!!!!!! I LIKE THAT BAG...I SAID REALLY..and he said I always see you with chanel and LV and this is diffrerent..and I said I want another one he said GO GET IT:P (Mind you he thinks these B-bags are ALOT less then LV & Chanel..But we won't tell him that)
    Anyway I DO LOVE this color
    this is the 1st
    Now I want a City.... Now I need to see what Color I want:amazed:
    Thanks for letting me share

    It's Everyones fault I bought this bag...:roflmfao:

    BTW I have 2 more bags coming today chanel from ebay and another chanel from Waikiki, and OF COURSE MY DH IS HOME TODAY... :shocked: I'm Scared:lol:
  2. Congrats!!! Your DH has great taste! As to the City, maybe wait for the Fall colors??
  3. Congrats, VipStyle! Glad we could help ;)
  4. Oh man, that color is gorgeous!!! I'm in envy!!
  5. It So Hard To Wait Lol
  6. Ok then...of the current colors, Ink and Cornflower seem to be pretty popular around here.
  7. Fabulous color, you will definetely stand out
  8. Thank You... to be honest I WAS NOT CRAZY about this color but after looking at it on this board (Other boardies) The color goes with EVERYTHING..It looks red or orange IT CHANGES....
    Now I want a NICE BRIGHT color city ..:rolleyes:
  9. That is what I like so I MAY have to look into it..:graucho:
  10. Wooo!! I:heart:IT!! Congrats on your new addiction!!!:lol:
  11. Yay! I'm so glad you like it! You are expecting 2 more today? ...Maybe you should send him on some errands?
  12. That color is amazing, it's like a Cayenne, gorgeous! Fabulous bag!
  13. Congratulations! That color is so hot! Love it in that style!!!
  14. very nice! congrats on your 1st b-bag of many to come!
  15. gorgeous! I like your avatar too *LOL*