Ok TOKI girls, help me choose a bag!

  1. I need a cute and small cosmetic bag for my purse. Can you suggest some cute and colorful Toki styles and sizes for me? I have no idea where to begin! Thanks! :tup:
  2. a caramella would be perfect!
  3. Yeah, i was about to say Caramellas or Carmellinas, but LeSportsac is silly &discontinues every style that people like, so they're pretty much just on eBay now. I think someone was saying they use a Bocce or a Dolce for a makeup bag, though.
    lamb's bag archive is a good reference for what prints & styles there are. :biggrin:
  4. Maybe an Angioletto if you don't like the flat bags :p
  5. Yep, the Caramella would be a perfect make-up bag! :yes:
  6. Caramella definitely :tup:
  7. yeah, a caramella if you can find one... the caramellas for the newer prints (tutti, trasporto) are only available in HI+other asian/pacific markets... maybe the outlets still have some of the solids or pirata or adios star...
  8. The caramella is totally cute, exactly what I'm looking for! THANKS SO MUCH! :yahoo:

    Now where do I find one?
  9. The one I'm looking at is here:


    9501 - Carmellina (small version - 4.75″ x 7.25″). Retail price: $56.

    Do these bags have any pockets inside at all?

    I also really like the shape of this one:

    9503 - Angioletto (3.5″ x 5.25″ x 1″). Retail price: $62.

    I don't need a very large bag.
  10. Both the caramellina and the angioletto had been discontinued after the first two seasons. So they can only be found on eBay. There were quite a lot of angiolettos showing on eBay last few weeks, but there's no more at the moment. The price on ebay went up to about double the retail price. I've only seen caramellina on ebay once.
  11. Caramella!!! (And to answer your question, there's a zippered pocket inside it.)

    But if you have to go with one of the other styles that are more readily available, then I believe someone said awhile ago that the Bocce was more accessible as a makeup bag because it has two straps, that can fall to either side as you open the zipper. The Dolce only has the one strap so you have to push it over.

    Another option is use one of the regular LeSportsac makeup bags with a print that might match your Toki bags. I like the travel cosmetic or 2-zip cosmetic that widens at the bottom.
  12. Actually I use my portelfono to hold some of my makeup and other random small stuff (extra pair of contacts, medication, band-aids). I find it more compact than the lesportsac cosmetic case I was using. Plus the extra pocket in front is great for things I need to find realy quick like my flash drive and my security key fob for work.
  13. You can pretty much throw those retail prices out the window. Including the one for the Caramella, as it has been discontinued as well. Caramellas are pricey on ebay now.