OK to wear choco paddy now?

  1. Just got the choco paddy front pocket and boy... the color sure is dark! Will any of carry your choco paddies during Spring or Summer? Hmmm...
  2. i dont care for summer or winter when i choose my bags - it's an outfit decision ... the color that fits to the outfit is the colour of the purse.... and if i wear brown its a brown purse ;)
  3. I'm waiting for Fall for my choco Paddy, dark brown Ascot & YSL Muse etc.

    I usually shift to lighter colors(tan, taupe, cream etc.) for the warm weather.
  4. I don't carry my choco paddy in the spring and summer I switch to Blanc. But, if I only had choco, I would definitely carry it in the summer!
  5. I don't think there is a right or wrong . . . I tend to mostly save my choco bags for Fall, but on the other hand I love a dark brown bag with a white T and khakis, so I do use mine in S/S, just not w/ the same frequency as in the F/W.
  6. I have to say you can wear it all year round, work it girl!
  7. Thanks ladies! Ooh - I can't wait to take her for a "night out" for the first time!!! :yahoo:

    This one is kinda big (medium with small front pocket) so I tried her on with my new spring/summer wardrobe to see how I looked - I felt sorta unbalanced. I guess I can't wear her with baby dolls or shorts. But I love the idea of the white shirt and jeans! Perhaps I can accessorize with a dark brown/choco belt or choco flats or even choco wedges???
  8. I do wear mine year round- but mostly wear my Mousse in Spring/Summer.
  9. Well, I live in Florida and there are times I carry a black bag all year round!!!! LOL. I carry what I love and then, what will click with my outfit.

  10. same, i don't care about what color is in for what season - it has to match my outfit
  11. I do still wear my choco and will keep on doing so depending on clothing, probably not as much as it gets warmer because I will hopefully switch to blanc...but need to get a bid more tanned before I can wear all the "cream" stuff. :p
  12. thanks for all the advice everybody!:supacool:
  13. me too lainee!! if i have a bag, i don't care what season it is, as long as it is neutral and can be worn with any wardrobe then i'll use it
  14. I'd say you can wear it whenever depending on the outfit too! Choco paddies are gorgeous.:heart:
  15. I use dark brown in the Summer and black in the Fall.