OK to mix patent shoes with a non-patent bag/clutch?

  1. I am absolutely dying for a pair of Christian Louboutin Iowas (peeptoe maryjane style pumps). I'm debating between the green patent and the black patent. But it occured to me that I have no idea what kind of bag is ok to wear with patent pumps. Must the bag be patent? I'm also at a loss for what handbag I would wear to match the green shoes if I decide on those. If you haven't seen them, they are a very bright green. I would call them Kelly green.
    What do you guys say? Patent shoes with a non-patent bag-ok or no no? If mixing is ok, any rules about what to stay away from? (for example suede?) What about suggestions for what bags to go with bright green patent shoes?
    Thanks for your help! I feel so silly but I'm honestly stumped.
  2. I have no clue but I have been wondering if it's okay to wear patent shoes during the day? It seems like it would be because so many are being sold right now but I recall my mom telling me patent is too dressy for work years ago so that sticks in my head.
  3. I think wearing patent shoes is ok. Maybe you can try a gold or silver bag (silver is the "IT" colour right now).
  4. Patent shoes aren't as overtly dressy as they used to be when wearing patent was something reserved for cocktail parties and the like and can certainly be worn during the day, especially as so many of us wear $600 plus shoes with jeans!

    I personally wouldn't carry a patent bag when wearing patent shoes as it's all a little too matchy for my taste....but that's just my style :smile:
  5. I agree with mooks. I bought a pair of black patent dior flats and I have worn them during the day. Also, I wouldnt match patent shoes with a patent bag unless maybe if it is a clutch for a special event. I have seen those CL green shoes. They are so pretty, and funky at the same time.
  6. I'm a woman that wears black boots and carries a brown handbag - :nuts: I'm the last person you should take style advice from. But my advice is whatever you feel comfortable in always works. It's not what your wearing but how you wear it.
  7. LOL!! Love it! :roflmfao:
  8. You want the patent shoes to be the focal point of the outfit. So don't do a patent bag with the shoes. It's too much at one time.
  9. Patent is classic...you can wear it anytime and definitely do not match patent shoes/bag...that is going a little overboard I think.
  10. ^^^ agree agree!! I love patent shoes (esp. roger vivier) and I wear them with all kinds of bags!
  11. Definitely join the don't match consensus. With the green shoes you could use black, brown, silver or gold as Javaboo said, or even yellow, purple or another bright. I love those shoes and am thinking of getting them too!
  12. I love this style of louboutin! I have a pair of black patent iowa zeppas and tend to usually carry any color of purse while wearing them other than black!
  13. Thanks ladies! I knew I would get great advice from you.
  14. I have the most fantastic bag from Karen Millen. It has a border of patent and the rest is normal leather, so best of both worlds. Not a great pic but its above the Celine.
  15. I wear patent pumps all the time to work (but in black and brown). I love how they jazz my outfit up just a bit from the ordinary without loud embellishments like studs, bows, etc.

    I wear mine with the same thing I would wear non-patent shoes with. Day I wear my daytime bags (usually netural or deep colored bag). For evening I like it with a black clutch.

    The only rule I would advise if is one (shoes or bag) is loud keep the other more subdues. For example red patent shoes would look best with a neutral-colors, not too adorned bag.

    As for kelly green, I love black with it. I guess it would depend on what you're wearing with the shoes.