Ok, time to 'fess up... I used to be a ______ addict!

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  1. Now a lot of us have been loving and buying Hermes forever, but others (me included) haven't been.

    Althhough I wanted a Kelly forever, I found TPF last year when I was in a big Chloe bag phase. I had issues with that brand, lots of issues, so in my dissatisfaction I wandered over to Hermes, rediscovered my love for H, and the rest is history.

    Where did you start? Did you get an H bag (or already have a collection and wanted to know more) and google it to find TPF, or did you wander over from Chanel, Balenciaga, or LV? It seems like TPF works like a gateway drug from one brand to another.

    Share your story! :tup:
  2. Forgot how I found TPF but it was H from the very start.
  3. I have bought my first Hermes purchase when I was quite young (a GP) and occasionally I will go into the store and purchase a scarf or belts. Nothing too major and nothing too crazy. But because the H store is literally one mile from where I live now, I can't help but to walk in there more often now and started talking to the SA more about their products. I saw the leather book and began to have really appreciated the craftsmanship on their products. So slowly I moved from my BV thread to here (I still love my BV). I really wanted a Birkin and thought I might be too young to own one until this forum has really gotten me to think otherwise. So here I am today with 2 major purchases in a month: A Birkin and a Lindy ( still nicely packed in the box) and hopefully more in the future.
  4. I had been curious and an occasional reader of the H section, but I only started spending real time here when the Balenciaga forum was shut down for reorganization. And as much as I love my Balenciagas, I haven't really been back over there :shrugs: Now I'm a serious addict :whistle: and I'm counting the seconds until I find my first H bag...
  5. My first H bag was a Constance given to me at graduation from a family member. To this day, I still think of myself as a Constance H girl. I have had a number of special purpose bags (tennis bags, hiking bags, etc.) now and then, but I am primarily an H girl.

    Now that I am older with a dd, I begin to look for larger bags. My search for a first birkin this year led me to this wonderful forum. I met a number of tPF friends along the way including many vintage h lovers. :tpfrox:
  6. I had always purchased Chanel, but had planned to purchase an Hermes Birkin one day. I would wander over to the H forum and "lurk" around. Then I became more and more mesmerized by Hermes---
    and the rest is history! :smile:
  7. Um.. cough.. cough.. a LV addict..
  8. First LV, then (and still) Chanel and Prada but I love my birkins as well. I just need a "fix" of a new bag more often. So Chanel and Prada are my interim buys.
  9. kinda went thru an all other designer phase. I got into shoes...then got a balenciaga bag...then just started getting all the big time bags..fendi spy, ysl muse, etc.

    my friend kept telling me to stop buying all those others and get a birkin.

    finally i got the courage to go into the store.....and shortly after got my first 35cm raisin birkin....and sold my other bags.
  10. ^ same, like Angelfish, i had problems with LV and in frustration i needed something new. Because it was quality issues i decided i needed the BEST quality so i am not disappointed again. Naturally i turned to H, after visiting the store and having the best SA in the world, i haven't looked back. (my bank account has though lol, that wishes i never step foot in H!)
  11. I was an LV crazy
  12. I still buy, and occasionally take other bags. Right now, in fact, my things are in a Chanel Cabas. And I just ordered a Valentino hobo that has the big bow on it. Sometimes, Hermes bags just get too heavy. (I have a LARGE bottega that I haven't used...am debating whether to return.) I just NEED a shoulder bag...sometimes...one that doesn't weight a ton...or look like a doggie carrier on me.

  13. Please dont return your large veneta, BV makes very high quality bag :yes:
  14. What a sweet face...^^ Pandas are so adorable. I've got this feeling that if I return it...I'll be sorry.
  15. Hey LL! How you doing girlfriend!

    LV for along time, then shoes (CL, MB, JC...), watches, my DH, still my DH, Ooops still addicted to DH:graucho:.
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