Ok...time to buy..help me decide please

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  1. Ok..its officially 1 month since my last purchase..and I'm ready to make my first 2007 buy....but I can't decide between 4...

    Help me decide please...

    The Lockit Vertical
    The Deauville
    The Neo Denim Speedy
    The Sophie (off of eBay)...

    I want all 4:shame: ...but can only buy one...PLEASE HELP!!:s
  2. Sophie or Deauville!!!
  3. I vote for either the lockit or neo speedy! If I HAD to pick one, then the neo speedy cause I think its one of the cutest bags every made!
  4. Oh I'll say Sophie since I think it's a LE piece, and beacuse it is sooooo pretty!
  5. i would get the sophie since its not avail where i live. :sad:
  6. neo speedy or sophie...but i like the neo speedy better :smile:
  7. The Lockit Vertical:yahoo:

  8. I was thinking the same thing about the Sophie...anyone know if its true..that only 7000 were made?
  9. I would get the Sophie. It's so beautiful!
  10. The Lockit Vertical is my favorite pick- luvitluvit!
  11. Get *Sophie* since it's an LE only for Japan.:sweatdrop: ;) :graucho:
  12. I'm in love with my Sophie. It is really pretty and practical. But I'm also planning on a lockit bag soon. If it's one or the other, get the Sophie because who knows how long it will be available.
  13. Anyone also know..how much did the Sophie sell for retail? I do not want to pay double price......Its selling on eBay for 589.00 to 700.00
  14. My first choice would be the sophie, but it's a lot smaller than the other bags, is it going to big enough for you?
  15. 400.00