Ok, those of us who have been buying LV for years now oh how the prices have changed!

  1. I was looking through my archives of catalogues, printouts, articles, notes, etc. today. Here were some things that made me sit up in my chair and think OMG!!! All USD, don't mean to stir anything bad up here, I still buy the darn things, but man, I guess they've grown in many ways since I started.....

    And these prices are a few increases after my "first" purchases.....

    Petite Noe $440
    Pochette accessoires $165
    Cabas Piano $520
    Cabas Messo $615
    Looping MM $520
    Speedy 30 $380
    Speedy 25 $365
    Papillon 30 $500
    Papillon 25 $365
    Trotteur $380
    Mini Looping $430
    Looping $570

    well I think that's enough to get a good idea.....how much we could buy at those prices, one could dream.......
  2. Cabas Piano $520? You are killing me. How long ago was it?
  3. Another reason I wish I was 5 years older. Housing was better, LV much better. Sigh at that price I could afford one of each!!!!
  4. It was like 2001 I think, I was actually between the piano and the looping at the time but got the looping (mm) (back when they first came out they were the same price than the piano went up a little more than the looping) anyway, I had been a federated dept. store employee at the time which got me a 20% discount when using my Macy's card, right before I left that job I went to Macy's Herald Square and got myself the looping MM and the PTI with my discount.....the looping was like $440 with tax! Those were the days...........

    There's nothin we can do about it, I wish there was!
  5. Argh oh I wish those days were NOW! And unfortunately, down the road, in a couple years we'll probably be saying the same thing about the *current* prices...

    Oh LV...why must I be obsessed with you...
  6. yep, just found the receipt, 6-28-2001.....but I bought my first bag in 1997 I think....there was a price decrease the day I bought my first bag.....
  7. Wow, it turned out to be a much better investment than stock market.:girlsigh:
  8. I KNOW!! If I knew then what I know now I would have tried to buy as many as I could, I remember looking at the vernis Lexinton @ like $390 or so thinking....oh, that's high compared to all the other bigger bags, and the regular pochette is only like $120...I wish I bought the darn thing!!!! Argh is right!
  9. That's for sure!!!!!LOL too bad I didn't buy 1,000 of them, stored them so they're still perfect, and sold them now for like $700 each, I'd have $200,000 then.......oh the fantasies.....it's kinda like thinking of what you would do if you won 100 million dollars or something......
  10. I hear ya lola, I was just doing the same thing. I found my old catalogues with the price sheets. This was about 10 years ago when I started my LV obsession. I should've "stocked up." Lol...

    Oh well, I don't think anything can stop us now!
  11. Wow - some of the pieces on your list have gone up by like 40% OUCH!!
  12. Like double the price now....ugh!!!

    Does that mean my Le Fab was ~$1800? AHHHH
  13. Yup..my mom remembers all the old pricing when she got her first pieces around 1989. BIG difference.
  14. ya know, I think this was before Suhali was even around......it's not in any of my old catalogues.........
  15. Unfortunately I think we help contribute to the price increases, they like to use the whole supply and demand thing.....
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