Ok This Site for Me?

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  1. Hey, I stumbled across this site http://www.discountburberry.com/ awhile ago and it seems to be listing eBay auctions on it, specifically related to Burberry. Do you think it's ok to use this site to sift through the eBay listings. Is there any drawback to doing it through this site?

    Thanks for your help :tup:
  2. Hi and welcome! :flowers:

    That's interesting. :yes:

    It's like the sites that link to sites like NAP, only for eBay.

    I can't see how it could hurt to use it? As long as you apply the same caution you normally would before bidding, or buying, on eBay. :smile:
  3. Quite an interesting site. Surprised they are allowed to use Burberry logo etc like this but same protection as direct through ebay, so should be ok.
  4. i find it weird that there is no legal notice saying who they are, what the guarantee, naming names and address etc. looks suspicious to me. :s
  5. Well, the first auction I clicked on was in Gary, Indiana, so I thought it was someone hitting the Burberry Outlet at Lighthouse Place in Michigan City, Indiana and reselling. But there are auctions from all over (one in Ontario!) so I'm not sure what that is. Maybe the sellers pay to have their stuff listed?

    Kind of odd, but seems harmless...