Ok, this is weird...

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  1. Definetly either the same bag or he stole that auctions pics. I would be wary of it.
  2. Well, I sent him a question on ebay asking what his deal is.
  3. I think he stole the pics... :s

    I'd be wary of buying ANY LV on Craigslist... :s
  4. Ok, so they just answered and said that someone must be stealing her pictures, but how does she explain the pen mark on both bags?
  5. If someone stole her pictures, they would be the same. :yes:
  6. ^^^ I'd stay away and stick with eBay. ;)
  7. Bear with me, lol.

    So the guy in NY is saying, lets meet up, and hes going to have a bag with the same pen mark?
  8. ^^ Oh, gotcha...lol Well, I would guess the pen mark won't be there. As John stated, I would stay away from Craigs list. How much is he asking anyway? I bet a lot less.

    You should ask him if the pen mark is new. Or, something related to the pen mark and see what he says. My guess is that he won't get back to you. :graucho:
  9. Done! Now lets see if i get a response, but what a loser! The chick on EBay is concerned, if I lived in NY I would meet him and give him a piece of my mind!

    Well, probably not, I am not tough, lol.

    And he was asking 500, I knew it was way to good to be true!