Ok, This is just mean...the cruelest Hermes sight!

  1. Ok, as some of you know my in laws sent me a present from their trip to France.

    So the box arrived at my husbands office Tuesday...I was on pins and needles all day long, then he came home with this:


    I tried to take a close-up picture, but I don't think you can tell..the whole gift bag in covered, and I mean covered in packing tape, so there is no chance of me peeking!!

    So there it has sat on our dining room table for 2 days! And there it will sit for 8 more days!!!!:nuts: :hysteric:
  2. Noooooo!!!! :nuts: I'd go crazy by day 3 and never make it to day 8!!!! :lol:
  3. OMG--that must be pure torture! :Push: I can't remember if you specifically asked for a Birkin or if you said that you were fine with a Kelly--maybe we can at least figure out what it is if you measured the dimensions of the box--assuming the wrap is snug around it; I still have my boxes for a 30cm and a 35cm....maybe someone else can help out with the box for a Kelly.:yes:
  4. Dang, I wouldn't have lasted this long! I can't wait to see what's inside!!!
  5. I would be jumping up and down, tearing my hair out, pacing about.. just one excited, anxious wreck right now if I had that huge box just sitting there. Lol! Very very curious as to what it holds...
  6. sorry msroberts... I have to agree with your subject line. The wrapping and taping is a little... overboard??

    Well... the best thing is for your dh to take it out of your sight for the next 8 days till your birthday... and when your birthday arrives, please have him/in-laws remove all that crazy wrapping paper and present it to you properly - nothing but original Hermes!!
  7. Holy Cats, what a wrap job! They really don't want any peeking!

    OK....get the measurements and let's see if we can figure this out!!!!
  8. Lol...I told him that! I said don't you know alll the best presents don't need any gift wrap! Orange boxes, brown boxes and little blue boxes are my favorites, but I wouldn't say no to any black boxes either.

    edit, did the measure when I took the pic, lol....first chance I got,while he took the kids golfing...before that everytime I got within 3 feet before, he would say..."what do you think you're doing?"

    Now he has the kids watching me, too...they think it's funny.

    edit #2: See how my brain is not working! Told that story to tell it's a 30 cm, that much I can tell.
  9. wow, they really did a great job wrapping the box, hehehe. You must be going crazy right now MsB. I don't think I could last 8 looooooooooooooooong days:hysteric: , ugh. I'd be pulling my hair out by now. I'd hate to see what I'd look like at the end of the 8th day. I think it would be best just to take the box in a different room until your b-day. Oh dear, let us know how you're doing okay?
  10. this is driving me in insane....and i'm not even having the birthday! nor the hermes gift!
  11. I so wanna tear off the wrapper for u NOW! I will have slepless nights thinking what it might be. I so know what you're going thru now.. its such a tourture staring at it. I'm dying to know what is it! hohohoh...
  12. I'm dying here! That baby looks like a Birkin box to me!!!
  13. Sniff it! What leather does it smell like? :lol: Oh darn, you probably can't tell cause of all the tape. :hysteric:
  14. :drool: This calls for a x-ray machine:yes: :lol:
  15. Yeah, GT....That's one BIG box!!!! .....it's a Birkin......betcha anything....
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