Ok, this is it! I'm on a purse ban! WHISTLE is here...

  1. Ok, I couldn't resist, I was thinking about this last night and this morning planned on going back to Nordies rack on my lunchbreak. Guess what I came home with?

    My new lambskin medium whistle in black... Love love love it! I was eyeing the navy color too since they still have that one. They also have a shopping tote bag that is big in navy and camel too.

    Seriously, I promise this will be the end of it. Only 2 Balenciaga bags, that's it!
    BalenciagaWhistle1.JPG BalenciagaWhistle3.JPG BalenciagaWhistle2.JPG BalenciagaWhistle5.JPG BalenciagaWhistle4.JPG
  2. cOngrats on your new purchase... ;)
  3. That one looks very special INDEED!!!
  4. Beautiful! The leather looks so supple! Congrats!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!:heart::love::heart: It was meant to be yours!!!!!! I'm very glad you got her!!! She is a beauty!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  6. Zacorey, sorry I didn't follow your advice...the devil in me took over... ha ha. I know I won't be able to sleep tonight if I didn't get it. Now I wish I can attach a shoulder strap to the clasp in the middle somehow and make it a cross-over bag. I will search my closet for one and take pics.
  7. Congrats!!!!
  8. Wow! That's beautiful! Watch out... you're getting hooked! :graucho:
  9. The leather looks so beautiful on that bag! Congrats. :tup:

    And may I humbly say, I sincerely doubt you'll be able to stop at two Bbags. ;)
  10. The Whistle bag is growing on me. What is the leather like? It is like the motorcycle & GH range?
  11. congrats on your new addition... it's beautiful!
  12. purse ban? yeah...right...sure.

    okay girls, lets see how long it takes her to break the ban!:graucho:

  13. Congrats, beautiful bag and leather!!!!!
  14. love the whistle bag! congrats!! that ban won't be for long:graucho:
  15. Gorgeous, enjoy her!