Ok this is getting a little ridiculous...

  1. I've been looking all over for a monogram porte-monnaie plat...I love the little wallet because it fits everything else that my credit card holder does not. I love my CB porte monnaie plat but I'm afraid to use it all the time because of the vachetta and the rubbing off of the blossoms...

    So finally yesterday I found one being sold by rebeccalou28 (yay! I LOVE looking at her auctions...they are always so reasonably priced) and at first I was not going to get it since she says she doesn't accept Paypal from users with < 25 feedback, but I messaged her and she said that she will accept Paypal from me...

    It was only 70 GBP, and plus shipping and handling came to about $175 CAD and I've been looking all over for one, so I bought it. :crybaby: And now I feel guilty because I've been spending so much and I said I'd stop buying LV after my Recital!!

    I'm already thinking about saving for Christmas and my trip to Hong Kong...I hope my dad will let me use some of my leftover scholarship money because if not, I may not have enough!!

    *sigh* I now have a counter in my signature to remind myself not to buy any more LV...but my boyfriend did say he'll pitch in for one of my LV purchases for Christmas.

    Guys, am I a really really bad girl?? :crybaby:
  2. You're saving money in the long run.. :graucho:

    Honestly though, whenever I started feeling the guilt, I just put in extra hours at work. I fully intend to work hard and well, rock the most awesome stuff !
  3. ayla is right just think of all the money that you have been saving in the long run by buying some second hand items...you've saved a ton and I'm sure you've been very wise with your money. And I think having that new signature will def be a constant reminder that you are on a "purse ban". When I feel the guilt, I either put in some extra hours at work...or put all my extra money in my savings and be strict with myself. but now that my summer job is over...I have no more income, and I've set my money aside for the azur speedy. so I technically have no choice but to be on a purse ban.

    now that christmas is coming up and your trip to hong kong..I'd def save up for that!! afterall I want to be able to buy people gifts!!
  4. Its okay we all cheat and end up getting things are we ban ourselves ...
    Just try not to browse any more because everytime you see good deals you cannot resist buying them
  5. I'm hoping that going to University starting next week and working on the weekends will help me keep my mind off LV and prevent me from spending too much time on eBay. :crybaby: Oh I wish I stopped after I received my CB items.

    Jamie: I am the same way too...I earned lots of $$$ during the summer, but once school starts I won't be working as much.
  6. im going bck to hk in dec too!! lets meet at HK LV!!!
  7. hehe... I'm just like you! saving up on everything (even my makeup/skincare collection has gone down lol and I never save on my face lol). I need to be banned from LV AND FROM THIS LV FORUM!!! When I got my first LV exactly 1 year ago, I told myself that i will forever be happy and use that bag for the rest of my life....and look at me now, I bought 3 bags (MC lodge, Mono BH, MC Speedy), a multicolore scarf, and multicolore Agenda PM all in 2.5 months!!! lol All i can say is: stay in school, work hard, and buy hard lol!
  8. I'm going back in April after my spring University exams are over :smile:
  9. You did the right thing :yes: , but I am a little bit biase because I love that wallet & I just got a white MC one from Holt for $345 during the private shopping nite. :heart: I think if you will use it all the time, then..it's worth the money. Plus, your bf will help you out during x'mas. Just study hard during the school yr & earn more scholarship money & let those money help with your next LV purchases :graucho: as well as your trip to Hk next yr. Enjoy your new wallet!
  10. Just know when to stop. That's all. I got to a point where I have to stop completely and it was good. I started purchasing bags again but it needs to stop ASAP so I'm trying real hard to.
  11. Well...after (one day) of telling myself to stop, I've seen so many good deals on eBay...let-trade finally emailed me saying he had a French purse in stock and asked if I was interested. I turned down the offer...*so proud of myself* I may just stick to using my porte monnaie plat and credit card holder instead of buying a bigger LV wallet...I like how the two small items fit into my pochette and recital perfectly!

    I have been a bad girl (again) though...
    I decided to check when the new inclusion colours are in Canada and at first 866 VUITTON said November. However, I went to Holt Renfrew (the one in Calgary) and saw a white inclusion keychain!!! It was so beautiful...I asked to see it and it feels a little light for me...so $230 is a little too much for a keychain.
    Anyways, I asked the SA whether or not they have the inclusion bracelets in stock and she said not yet, and that the Speedy is the only thing that's in right now, but they'll have another shipment within the next two weeks. She put my name down for the white PM and so she'll call me when they come in :wlae:

    I was planning on buying that later on this year anyway...so either way I'll be spending $260 on the bracelet, it's just a matter of when. I PROMISEEEEE this will be the LAST ONE!!!!!!! :hysteric: :lol: *looks at signature* :shame:
  12. You are not alone....

    4 yrs ago, when my sweet hubby took me to LV and got me one...I thought...this is it! I will treasure it and buy once a year. well I have 6 Damier bags not to mention accesorries and my rainy day Pradas...which totals to 5 now....

    Sounds like you were saving thru e-bay...I dont think you should feel that bad. Just cut down untill you feel comfortable again for a purchase....LVs wil always come out with wonderful stuff so if you wait...there still will be plenty to choose!:heart:
  13. I know exactly how you feel:crybaby: I myself have bought 3 bags in the last 2 weeks! Can't help myself with all the good deals:yahoo: - I have to keep telling myself this.....Also I made one my christmas/b-day gift from my DH that way it really doesn't count:yes: The other 2 were w/ my spending $- so no more until January o7. However- listed some bags on e-bay that I no longer use = more spending $ for me. I am going to ask for e-bay gift certificates for christmas as well....where there is a will there is a way! :drinks:
    Shop away...=) but within your limits :flowers:
  14. as long as you dont starve to death, or steal to feed your addiction, i think its fine.. whatever makes you happy within reasonable limit =)
  15. You're totally normal, I know how you feel, I'm in a position where I don't HAVE to save up to buy something, but my husband and I are getting ready for our annual Hawaii trip and I want to pay for the hotel and everything before we go so I won't have to worry about all the bills when we get back....SO, I've been tucking like $40 at a time away for my little LV side fund for the time before we go to HI (b/c there are some things I want to buy SOON) AND I took two makeup artist jobs on the side of my fulltime job (but because I kinda feel better about using my fun job money for my fun purchases kinda thing) and the funniest thing is that I'll tell my husband I want something and he doesn't usually care how I buy it, he knows I won't buy it if we can't pay for it.....but my little ways just make me feel better about it.....anyway, mini pleaty and wapity here I come.....and then there will be the Hawaii purchases too!