Ok - Thinking of selling the Pop Haut and getting a Speedy 30 -

  1. what do you all think? Do you think I could sell it for close to the asking price. I'd rather do that so I can have the money and go to a LV boutique and actually try them on this time.
  2. You can certainly give it a try. You would probably be able to sell it on this site right? That's a pretty popular bag, I've been seeing them more and more. Good luck!!
  3. I would think - perhaps I'll put some pics up tomorrow.
  4. Goodluck!
  5. It's Hard Not Trying Them On First...At Least For Me! Many LOVE The PH! Best Of Luck In Your Sales!
  6. I personally don't think you would have a hard time selling the PH. It's a great bag and functional and it seems that a lot of PF members want those two attributes in a bag. If you can deal w/ a strictly handheld bag, I'd say go for it. I was just in LV today and drooled over a Speedy but still torn as to if I'm going to get one or not.
  7. I'm torn too but the PH, although a shoulder bag, doesn't have long straps which I prefer in a shoulder bag so it sits under your arm not down by your body. I have yet to find a LV long shoulder bag that I love although those new ones are pretty tempting!!
  8. If it's in great condition and relatively new, you could get it close for what you bought it for. Do let us know. Lots of us here are jumping back to the WTS thread everyday.
  9. Those are the two bags that I am between right now. :biggrin: I am hoping to go see the PH in person this weekend again and make a decision...finally! ;) I am sure you'll have no problem selling, it is such a cute bag.
  10. Aww.. that's too bad that the popincourt really just didn't work out for you !
  11. I would suggest trying on the speedy in person before deciding to sell your PH. Just my opinion.
  12. Hi Ayla - I knew you would be upset. I just can't fall in love with it :sad:
  13. Aww.. it's okay. Maybe you two just weren't meant to be together ! :sad: