OK then...Balenciaga or Mulberry and why?

  1. What are your thoughts???:wlae:
  2. Balenciaga. The colors, the leather, and they're not as heavy as other leather purses. Be careful, they're addictive.
  3. I prefer Mulberry since they have more of a timeless appeal, although they are heavier than the Balenciagas. The Bayswater, I think is a great all around bag, although I don't have one yet, just a Roxy, and that one is heavy.
  4. I like them both!

    Only have a Mulberry, but Balenciaga is certainly on my wishlist.
  5. I would have to go with Balenciaga. They really are a classic bag (or at least they are making their mark) and seem to never go out of style. The colors are really yummy and the leather is fantastic!!

    I would def. go with Balenciaga, there are also different styles that are a lot of fun and go with all kinds of outfits!
  6. They're very different to me, so it really just depends on what you're looking for. Mulberry is classic and well-made, but Balenciaga is fun and sexy with great colors.
  7. Mulberry, any day! I am a huge fan of the older Roxannes and think they look elegant and understated. The Balenciagas look too trendy, distressed and kitschy in my opinion.
  8. Balenciaga, the leather, it's timeless, variety of colors, & depending on which style you choose... you can always dress it up or down.
  9. I just love the Balenciaga leather but I also want to get a Mulberry...I really think you can't compare both brands. To me the Bayswater is a "workhorse" I can wear until I am 80 or more. Bal has a little more edge but has still become a "classic" in it's own way.
  10. I prefer Balenciaga because it is lighter in weight and I prefer the leather and colors. Plus, the styling is a little more edgy and young - which suits me better.
  11. ^ agree with everything circoit said! And really, the design is simple in it's own kind of way...I've never seen a balenciaga bag not make a person's outfit look 10X better and more stylish.
  12. Balenciaga, they are yummy
  13. :tup: Agree: it depends on your style and taste, but Balenciaga has become a classic and those bags can "refresh" a classical look as well as match a younger style.
    I don't know if this makes sense (sorry for my english!).
  14. I agree with most here. I love both Balenciaga & Mulberry. Mulberry is more classic but Bal is lighter.
  15. Mulberry would be my choice. The bags are beautiful, classic and substantial. My opinion is based only on the fact that I own Mulberry bags, I have never owned Balenciaga. Just love Mulberry!:yahoo: