OK the Spice Girls is making me cry. Please tell me I'm not CRAZY!

  1. So last night I bought all 3 Spice Girls CDs on iTunes and have been listening to them all day. And I found myself crying! I don't exactly know why? I'm a very emotional person esp. when it comes to music and how it makes me feel.

    The songs Mama, Forever, Never Give up on the Good Times had me flat out bawling.:crybaby: I do miss my mom tremedously and the lyrics are just so poinent. Forever just reminded of all my friends from High school that I miss and never get to see anymore. And good times id I guess reminding of times I was happier in life. Maybe its listening to the music of my youth? IDK. But I can;t stop listening to it a making myself cry. Am I crazy?!?

  2. not at all. for me whenever i reminisce about something, i always remember the music i was listening to at the time. a few weeks ago i was listening to nsync and it totally reminded me of when i was in middle and high school. ah the good ole days :smile:
  3. Not at all. My mum passed away and Mama always reminds me of her.
    Smile through those tears. You know she loves you very much.
  4. ITA!
  5. I feel ya! A little while ago I listened to Tori Amos' song "Winter," and I couldn't stop crying. It's a combination of the lyric's meaning and the fact that Tori reminds me so much of when I was in high school.
  6. beautifully said...
  7. I saw them last night with my mom and for Mama they did a whole thing with pictures of their kids and their moms...and I was pretty teary I will admit.
  8. I find a few songs sentimental, dont worry about it! :smile:
  9. Tori defined my High School days. "Hey Jupiter" and "Maryanne" are the ones that make me cry.
  10. awww nothing wrong with crying at anything that evokes memories honey :biggrin:
    Thats what makes remembering things so special, its amazing how music can transport us back to specific moments too!
  11. No you are absolutely not crazy! Music can do that to me also, one associates music with events. I can imagine how poignant Mama is for someone that has lost their mum. {{Hugs}}
  12. Yes, same here, first time I came across "mama" over two years ago it brought back all my childhood memories!

    You're not alone, I couldn't remember any of the other songs other than "wannabe" and "2 become 1" felt familiar.