OK the aliens are back, and this time....

  1. ...they are testing out a way to make themselves look like famous celebrities so they can create an entire Hollywood~ish empire on their plant, Zanderphiern. They created a laser that can make them look like a famous celebrity. So they are testing out their new laser out on us humans first to make sure it works. They have just landed their craft in your pool, and want to know who you would like to look like, and zonk.. you will! Who would it be?

    I'll go first.. a cross between Kate Beckinsale and Courtney Cox
  2. Adriana Lima (VS model)
  3. I thought I hated these aliens, but they let us keep our vaseline and now they are turning us into hot celebs, so I welcome their takeover...

    Mila Kunis, please.

  4. [​IMG]

    Beam me up.
  5. Kim Kardashian--curves, lips, eyes, hair!!!
  6. majandra delfino. gorgeous woman & amazing voice to boot!
  7. Come back to me. I'm having an emotional breakdown because of these aliens..!

    (Actually, there are too many beautiful women to choose from!) :p
  8. A mixture of Monica Bellucci and Catherine Zeta Jones
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]

    And this is what all three of us would look like morphed together :p:

    I'm kinda digging the one blue eye, one brown eye thing... My one eye comes out green in a lot of pics so MorphThing thought it was blue :shrugs:
  9. Yes Monica Belluci is beautiful, what has she done.. all I know is that shes an italian model
  10. ^ She was Persephone in the Matrix movies and Mary Magdalene in The Passion. She's been in a few other movies too.
  11. I agree, there are so many beautiful women to choose from, but I think I would go with Heidi Klum. She has natural beauty. She always looks gorgeous with or without make-up.
  12. Selma Hayek... she's just so naturally beautiful IMO.
  13. natalie portman without a doubt.
  14. Penelope Cruz
  15. Maybe Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson