Ok that's it....stylish bag that I love be damned...

  1. I am getting something that is easily hidden.

    I witnessed my 2nd purse snatching within 2 months time tonight. This time in a nicer area right near my house, I was at the Target, walking to my car with my one bag of goodies, getting my keys out of my pocket. My purse was on me, same arm as my target bag and no one was getting it without a fight...

    This woman is packing her things in her trunk probably 15 feet in front of me right under a parking light, her bag in her free hand on the cart to keep it from rolling away. This teenage girl runs up, grabs it violently and runs the 6ish feet to a waiting car. I got the plates, AND a good description, as did three other folks on the lot who chased after the car. There was a cop across the block just finishing up a ticket and we were able to get his attention. This car got away but Id be pretty surprised if within 20 mintues they weren't caught.

    Also good--Target has security cameras EVERYWHERE, especially this one as its on an easy getaway drag and also has underground parking. They got a GREAT shot of the driver, the snatcher, the car and it's plates.

    I think if I can track down perhaps one of the tano bags I want...I am totally getting it. I can't afford what I really want. Im sick of feeling like a target in even the safer parts of St. Louis. I know STL being ranked as unsafe is skewed because of one part of downtown being absolutely insanely scary...but Im starting to think it's more like the ENTIRE St. Louis City area (county is different). I always have my cell ON me, and try to keep my cards and cash separate, and have been carrying my firearm ON me in a holster for a while--mostly on weekdays at work. I think every day is looking like a necessity.

    If the Tano or whatever I find isn't a totally adjustable strap I will find a leather person and have it made so.
  2. ^ That's crazy. Good for you for getting that info-- you're a good samaritan! Also I'm glad you're okay :flowers:

    Why would you want to have an adjustable strap though? To make it shorter/ harder to snatch?
  3. I want to be able to wear it across the body AND up under my arm.
  4. Wow! Good job by getting license plate info and sharing with the police. Too often witnesses refuse to "get involved." Kudos!

    I did want to share with you though...(I read another post of yours and it mentioned safety concerns in certain parts of Saint Louis also) that alertness to surroundings and personal safety measures should be taken wherever you are and at all times...and, crime happens all over the world, even in Saint Louis counties.
  5. That's very true...the safety concerns are mostly bec I work downtown (stupid new casino!!!) and live in Southwest County near St. Louis Hills and Shrewsbury area. Where I live barely anything happens short of domestic abuse and speeding/DUI stuff. This is just craziness.

    I am not afraid to stick around in cases like this. And luckily neither was anyone else.
  6. Wow ame that's really frightening. Definitely sounds like a hidden/adjustable strap bag is the way to go. You can rock the pretty bags when you're not in fear of mugging, like when you go on vacation or something!
  7. wow... things like this has never crossed my mind - I guess I am rather fortunate that I haven't witnessed something like this (knock on wood).
    But seriously - I guess keeping your bag under your arm alone is just not enough anymore...
    Lucky that you were not the target and you were ok!
  8. YIKES...that is really scary!