ok, talk to me about the sloan

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  1. Can anyone tell me some info about the sloan crossbody? I was looking at one in blueberry. I tried to find info on here, but there is not much about this bag. How big is it? Is it heavy? does it hang nice as a shoulder bag at 11-13" drop instead of crossbody? anyone have pics?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I like shoulder bags not satchels, and I'm just wondering if this works well as a shoulder bag, or if it's too boxy and too large.

  2. I want to know, too!
  3. Dyannek, when you say you do not like satchels - is that just satchels that have to be worn on the arm? Or, does it also include shoulder satchels? Because the sloane satchel does comfortably ride on the shoulder. The HH site says the drop is 9" but it is actually longer. If you look at the picture, it looks like they measured with the top of the sloane's body of the bag curving upward. In reality it doesn't. Once weight is added to the bag, the top curves downward on both the satchel and the crossbody. On the satchel this buys another 2" in drop - bringing it to almost 11". I have had both my sisters try the satchel on the shoulder. One is sz. 16 and the othe 2x. Both find it comfortable. For me, I prefer to wear my handbag at the crook of my arm or carry it with my hand. The sloane's handles are almost too long to do this. I think though HH calls it a satchel, they should have labeled it a shoulder satchel. Meaning it is a shoulder bag with double handles (like a tote).

    Below are comparisons on "wearability". These photos were taken with the bag empty, so it does not show the extra couple inches that the drop gains when bag is carrying any weight.

    Sloane on the shoulder:


    Sloane on the arm (almost a bit too much drop for the arm):

  4. Hi Dyanne, I can't offer any help on the crossbody either but I have the satchel which works on the shoulder for me as well. On the crossbody, is 11-13" the shortest length on the drop? I wonder if that is a bit long...

    Here's my Sloane...
  5. thanks for the pics! I dont mind satchels that hang nice from the shoulder, I have been carrying a RM matinee for about 7 months now and it is comfortable from the shoulder. But I want a hobo style bag now. That is why I was looking at the crossbody, the blueberry is so beautiful.
  6. -Somewhere on my computer at home are photos of the Blueberry sloane crossbody. If I can find them, I will post them tonight. The only problem I have with the Sloane is that it is a little wide for me. (The only bag I've returned for 'style' was the Bungalow). This may be because I am a little wide....
  7. I do like that it easy and quick to go back and forth between a crossbody style and a more under the arm style just be adjusting the strap.
  8. Found the Photos! I shot these last November, wearing my winter coat. Of course, shortly thereafter, Michigan has had temps mostly in the teens or lower and I am wearing my parka. The bag STILL looks great!

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