OK...stupid question. Is it Violet or Grape?

  1. When I called BalNY and asked them about Violet, I was told, "You mean Grape?" So is the correct color Grape???:confused1:
  2. ^ I believe it is indeed called grape from what I have read and heard. My Barney's SA also called it grape, though I said violet!
  3. Bal NY gives their own names...when the collection was first announced, Balenciaga called it Violet. Similiar to how Bal NY renamed Tabacco to Sienna and Mogano to Cinnamon. Bal NY also renamed Argile to Sandstone, Cobalt to Aqua...I could go on and on:yes: It makes it very confusing at times!

  4. Ahhh...OK. Thanks:okay:
  5. No problem, Janette!!