Ok stupid post regarding a wallet

  1. So, I really really really want the french framed purse khaki/ebony color combo. so much so that i have been stalking eBay and having dreams about it. I know it sounds crazy but if i am on tpf and/or eBay late at night i dream about bags and accessories lol ! Now I think it will go with all of my bags so no problem there but I am having a problem paying even the $150 or so it would be with my PCE. I have a bunch of wristlets i use for wallets and i know it is so hard to get to my cards and stuff when they are all jammed in there with no ryme or reason so I know I need the wallet. Anyway it is a 2 part question. Does anyone think this wallet will get worn easily and or dirty and if i am spending that much on a wallet should i get it in all leather. Also do you think i should wait for it to show up in an outlet, buy online or should i use my PCE. OK 3 part question, do you think that this style will be gone and i won't be able to get it so should buy it soon. Ok 4 part question, do you think the legacy striped one is cuter ? I want the one that is a square not the checkbook style. Thanks !
  2. Ok and I should add that the price of the small signature satchel is the same price as the french framed wallet so they should lower the price of the wallet. maybe it takes more to make the wallet, i don't know !
  3. I haven't jumped on the Coach wallet bandwagon either mainly due to the fact that I feel that the prices of the wallets are too high compared to the costs of the bag. I have used wristlets up to this point but I did take the plunge and get myself a Bleeker mini-wallet for PCE and it's under my tree. I couldn't resist the hot pink and tattersall lining in combination with the choc sig and choc leather. I think it'll look great with my choc sig Carly. And PCE brought it down to a somewhat reasonable 126 +tax.
  4. Glad I am not the only one but you gave in! I would too that is a beatiful wallet and you got it at a good price ! I am on a list at the outlets and hope to get more gift cards for x-mas. Thanks for your input !
  5. I also have a hard time buying the wallets for money and for matching, but on the pce I did break down and buy a bleecker checkbook, the khaki/ebony one and I LOVE it!!! :love: It matches everything and I love the hot pink inside and the tatterstal lining is just so cute, it makes me happy.. it has just enough leather and fabric and I think it will be great for years to come! :tup:
  6. I am a HUGE fan of this wallet in all colors and fabrics. I think it's the BEST and CUTEST wallet Coach has ever made... I just bought the slim envolope version to match my Carly. I don't really differentiate between the leather or signature version, depends on your taste. It is an expensive accessory, but I think it's worth it. I would buy it using the PCE discount unless you can get it for half the price on eBay.
  7. The French purse wallet has been at outlet in its spring/summer color combos (pond/green and punch/orange) and in whiskey, though I haven't seen them in the khaki/ebony combination at outlet. You should be aware that a number of people have had difficulty with the coin compartment actually holding up to carrying coins. Some people have seen the leather or fabric pull apart from the edge when they use the coin compartment.

    I have the French purse in punch/orange and I love it, but I don't use the coin compartment. I want to keep it looking as nice as possible!
  8. OH NO!!!! I've never heard of this, sigh :crybaby:
  9. Thank you, I have never heard of this either. I heart this wallet. I have red patent change purse (not the coach one) that i can use just for coins but shouldn't have to ! Wow for that price maybe i should wait until one comes up at the outlet. Does anyone know how much they are at the outlets ?
  10. I have the legacy stripe french wallet that I've been using since this summer and I haven't had any issues with it....in fact the only "problem" I've had was an ink spot but a Tide pen took care of that. I also have the khaki/black framed slim wallet (the bigger one) that I've also been using since the summer and I haven't had any problems with it. I use the coin compartments on both but it's not like I keep $20 worth of coins in them....other than the pink lining getting dirty from the coins (but hey, it's inside and who sees it) I haven't had any issues with this either.
  11. I just exchanged my bday Bleecker leather checkbook wallet for a Legacy french purse in whiskey and I absolutely adore it!! I knew the checkbook wallet was too large me, so this is a perfect compromise. It is expensive, but I have a feeling I will be getting another one or two in different colors eventually. I dont like to carry a lot of change, so hopefully I'll be ok w/the kisslock issue. I paid (well my husband paid!) full boutique price as my only outlet is pretty far away, so I dont know about outlet availability.
  12. I have seen several at the outlets, in whiskey, etc but none of the signature ones yet
  13. I have the Bleeker checkbook and it's the perfect size for me. Tons of credit card slots plus a big coin compartment. It's actually one of my favotire wallets. Also I should mention that I initially bought the legacy checkbook wallet but didn't like it because it's not as easy to get in and out as the Bleeker.
  14. BTW- I have dreams about bags and accessories after obsessing on tPF!
  15. You too huh? DH says I moan "Cooooach" in my sleep... :lol: