OK,, sophia lovers,, help me love her!!! i want me some toffeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


#PaiNT IT!!!!
OK,, sophia lovers,, help me love her,, even if i can't wear her over my shoulder:shucks:,, show me how wonderful she can look when you carry her by the shoulder strap:confused1:,,, & please tell me she comes in a large:search:& maybe some mod pics??? i gotta have this color croc bag!!! she is gorgeousooo!!!


#PaiNT IT!!!!
And she's on sale! (I'm being the big enabler today ;) )
what?? ok,, 25% is what ill get w/ my PCE,, but can i use that too i wonder???

I have seen her in large and I can get the large sophia on my shoulder
are you serious?? sounding better all the time!! thanx crazyforcoach!!
Me too! The large is perfect to wear on your shoulder!
i can't wait to go try it!!! i think w/ the texture and everything it might hang different than the patent one i tried,,, thanx headlighted!!!!

OMG!!! Can't wait to show hubby as think he is getting me Sophia for Christmas!! He keeps hinting :smile: he likes to surprise me!
yeah for you!!!!
I'll try to take some mod pics when I get home tonight. (Will be late, though.)
great proff,,, i was hoping you would add some knowledge to my wondering heart:biggrin:,, i am looking forward to the pics!!


Nov 9, 2009
OMG, I never would have gotten Sophia if she couldn't go on my shoulder!!! I love the toffee one...........you will NOT regret this!!!!!!!!!!!