Ok someone... I need a good KICK in the rear!

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  1. I am hereby inviting anyone and everyone to give me a swift kick in the rear end in hopes that it will stop me from drooling over (and eventually placing a bid) for some of the delicious Bbags on Ebay right now.

    I just placed about 3 metallic magentas into my watchlist, a grenat first, and a truffle first.

    So, someone, anyone, please STOP ME from clicking that little "Bid" button. I cannot justify three Bbags in four months! ARGGHHH!! (Why do they have to be sooo pretty??!!)
  2. Pyrexia, you are asking the wrong person! :P I have the same problem. I wish all of my computers would break, or my DSL would go down or maybe an intervention? The last thing I do before I go to bed is pop on ebay and see of there are any new listings. Then I go to bed and wake up, get my coffee and check ebay before work. Then I weep over the deals that came up and were bought with BIN 10 minutes after I went to bed. :crybaby: :rolleyes:
  3. I have quite a few on my watch list too.

    I am supposed to be on a purse ban until spring, but I think I am going to break that ban soon.
  4. Are you kidding me? I am the worst. I think you should buy, buy, buy so that I am not alone in my addiction.

  5. Argh - that's the worst, missing the BIN! But I'm always in the mind that if it doesn't happen now, it'll come around later!

    The thing that bugs me right now is that I stopped Ebay searching for Bal quite a while ago (cheated with Fendi, OOPS!) So today when I had nothing to do I just did a quick search and EVERYTHING that has been on my wishlist forever suddenly just popped up!
  6. I applaud you for attempting the ban - I know I'll crack within the first one hour! :roflmfao:
  7. LMAO! :roflmfao:
    We're terrible, aren't we? :yes::graucho:
  8. you are barking up the wrong tree girl! we are all enablers in here! but if this will make you feel better, here it goes:

  9. Thanks - that was needed :roflmfao:
    I just downsized the list... but there is a very tempting metallic Magenta first for less than $500 right now... *sigh*
  10. you should be asking someone on the LV or Chanel forums for help, we Bbag girls cannot help you...for instance...I always have trouble sleeping (a couple or 3 Tylenol Pm's ususally work) and if I have to get up say around 2:00am to go potty, guess where I am on the way back from the bathroom...yep, online on ebay and tPf! Its a sickness I tell ya, a sickness!
  11. well i can TRY to be the voice of reason...i have a bunch of b-bags in my watch list and i am on ebay checking daily for what's new etc. :shame:

    but i can't buy anything right now. absolutely not a thing. (okay maybe a coin purse if it's under $200!) we have *other priorities* in our life right now, my husband was darling enough to indulge me and get me my first b-bag for xmas, even though we have other things we could be doing with extra funds that might benefit him as well, rather than just me...so i have to respect that he gave a bit and now i give a bit too.

    so i know come spring..when our *other priorities* are all taken care of...(and our tax return comes!!) that my husband would probably not mind if another b-bag found it's way into my possession. :graucho: well 'not mind' is probably not the right phrase. hahaha! but he'd not FREAK OUT like he probably would if i ended up giving into temptation on a bag now and tried to justify it after the fact.

    anyway i LOVE looking at all the b-bag eye candy, and i love checking the auctions, and the other day i was so tempted by this pale pink day hobo that needed some extra lovin but went for super cheap. AND i really love liz's ice blue first right now for a great price up there and i know those are pretty rare esp from a respected seller. but...gotta stick with it and just remember that quite honestly, giving into temptation won't get me any pleasure if my husband is peeved at me for going behind his back. for the most part, he indulges my luxury-goods obsessions..l.and he knows how much it all costs and is still okay with it..so i gotta continue to respect him!

    so don't know if that helped at all (maybe you don't have one of those pesky husband things?!) but the other thing i try to remember is that chances are...one day the RIGHT bag for me will be up at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT seller on ebay and it will just be flat out RIGHT with no hesitation or worries or guilt. until then i can just drool. :shame:

    but if you DO give into temptation then i will definitely ooh and ahh over the pictures like the rest of them. hahaha. :wlae:
  12. That was beautiful, Marae.
  13. ^very beautiful post. :yes: Well reasoned, rational, responsible and yet cute, loving and girlie at the same time. Brilliant.
  14. DO IT - buy them all!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  15. Marae, thanks for the post :P
    I have no "pesky husband things" (had to LOL at this!) to contend with over my designer bag obsession, but I appreciate your giving this feedback and I really respect the way you rationalize your purchases. I can only hope that if I ever get a husband, we'll be able to work through things like this too. :yes:
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