Ok, so....

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  1. What's it mean when in a dream, your job and school are mixed together?

    And I had a dream where I was being chased by my friends rottweiler. I got to my house and locked it out.
  2. i've noticed threads where you ask about dreams before - perhaps it would be more helpful if you consult some sort of dream-decoding reference or website, i doubt we can be of very much help.
  3. I've looked for those sites...can't seem to find them. Besides, I like to hear what other people think of them. I trust peoples opinions more that I trust some computer print out.
  4. Overall, dreams are pretty personal. I think you need to ask yourself what these things mean to you. However, I recommend the Dream Moods website if you just want some general meanings of dream symbols.
  5. I found this about the dog dream. See it was my "friends" dog....we had been "friends" all our lives and then she totally stabs me in the back with....a guy....and, so anyway here's what the site said....

    Dog :
    Dogs in a dream symbolize friendship and loyalty and in general are a good sign. **However, if the dog is being unfriendly or attacks you, it could mean that a friend is going to deceive you in some way.**
  6. interesting
  7. Ain't it tho?
  8. I love [SIZE=-1]interpreting[/SIZE] dreams.. I always take my dreams seriously.. Because they have so much meaning. In reference to your dream, dogs in dreams have to do a lot with friendship, and since you saw your friend's dog chasing you it could mean feelings of aggression, but may express spontaneously. A dog represents affection or caring. Since you saw her dog chasing you it could represent her anger or snide criticism, or your anger or aggression.
  9. Are you eating cheese just before bed? That always gives me funky and vivid dreams.
  10. I've realized that, most of the time, my dreams mean absolutely nothing...or else I'd be dating Jessica Alba by now.
  11. Me too....but then again, that could be the cheese talking.
  12. :roflmfao:

    My dreams are usually made up of the millions odd thoughts that I have rattling in my brain mushed into one. When I have a really odd dream, I can usually pick out pieces as to where I've heard it before or what I was thinking. It's usually the "that was odd, I've heard that before" that gives me that weird feeling. But then I think about it and it'd just be like I watched that movie the other day. Lol!
  13. Funny old thing dreams. Fascinating to the person dreaming them, totally boring to everyone else having to listen in detail about them. :girlsigh:
  14. Sometimes I don't think dreams mean much of anything. I've had a couple of dreams recently where I was shooting heroin, something I don't plan on doing. Weird. Maybe I should quit my job and become a junkie.