OK, so working @ Coach? Costing me money!

  1. Of course I figured I'd be spending my paychecks at the store-- hence the reason for working there :graucho: But yesterday was my first day out on the floor, and by the time I left I had so much stuff! My manager thought it was hilarious. Check out my haul below! And I'm so excited.... some lady had bought like 6 ponytail scarves and returned them all-- and among them was the sold out Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf! My manager held it back for me because she knew I wanted it! *dances!* I also found out, and my manager asked me to pass it on, that the Optic Multifunction Totes are being discontinued and pulled back to Jax, and the Punch items like the demi, mini skinny etc are also done. :sad: Just an FYI! We're sure hoping they make more of the Punch stuff! (I wanted the reversible sig stripe tote so bad!)

    Anyway, here's what I got: An Optic Signature Ponytail Scarf in Pool, a Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf, the Fragrance Print Scarf Coach issued us to wear this season, and the perfume solid :nuts::yahoo:
    98087_MTI_d2.jpg 98111_d2.jpg 98154_MTI_d2.jpg B003_SVVR-1_d2.jpg
  2. Lol, don't even act like you didn't know that this job would cost you money :p . You did get some great stuff though-I am :drool: over your legacy ponytail scarf.
  3. OH how fun! You did get some great items.
  4. Sarah I am so jealous!
    It sounds like you are having so much fun working and spending your paycheck! lol I am happy for you. Thanks so much for the advance warnings on discountinued items too. :smile:
  5. Great haul! I have been lusting after that Legacy scarf or the Legacy oblong scarf-neither one to be had. I need to move quicker when I see something I want!
  6. Congrats on finding the legacy scarf! Glad you're enjoying your new job :greengrin:
  7. We actually have the oblong Legacy scarf at our store, I found it yesterday while I was burying my face in our scarf collection. LOL. I've been lusting after the Legacy Ponytail one for over a month now but couldn't justify paying $70 for it on e-bay.
  8. $60???? Glad I got mine at the Coach Store a few weeks ago!!!
  9. Congrats on such lovely purchases! I've been eying that Legacy ponytail as well - you're making us all so envious.
  10. Congrats and have fun spending your paychecks!
  11. Do you know how long the legacy bags (like the Ali which I want so badly) are going to be in the stores for? Thanks!
  12. what does pulled back to jax mean? does it mean the punch items are going to the outlets?
  13. Well, they are actually making a couple of Legacy boutiques-- on in LA, one in Manhattan-- that will exclusively sell Legacy items. I think it's safe to say you'll be able to get your Ali for quite a while-- maybe not in all stores, but definitely through Coach.com. And if you order it through your store, they will waive the shipping :yes:
  14. This is the exact reason why my Coach employment application has been sitting on my desk at home for nearly a year. I had an "in," too -- the manager of my Coach store gave me the application, saying that I should complete it and call her when I was ready to come in. The one and only thing that kept me from applying was that I knew it would cost me money to work there. :yes:
  15. oh and i forgot to add that i love the frangrance print scarf! i'm thinking of getting the ponytail version. drool!