ok... so who bought what (or going to buy) on eluxury today?

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  1. i'm about to get a damier speedy 25.

  2. i got something that isn't LV :lol:
  3. wow is that even possible? shopping on eluxury and not getting any LV? you've got some self control girl! :P
  4. Are you getting the Azur or Reg?

    I'm patiently waiting for the Azur stuff to show up on Elux right now!! :nuts:
  5. i'm going to Toronto on saturday, so i'll be able to get stuff from the store if i want, and whatever bags i'm getting this week are from this forum anyway :lol:
  6. lol
  7. regular. i want something i could beat around during the rainy season. a few more hours to go for you. yay! :wlae:
  8. That's a great choice!

    Yay a few more hours.. Thanks!:nuts: :nuts:
  9. red epi speedy 25
  10. groom round coin purse and red epi cles
  11. so wish i could go with you :Push:

  12. Rensky have you found out if there's any truth to the epi speedy 30 price change? :amuse:
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