OK...so which H piece does your partner/SO LOVE???

  1. Tokyogirl, I was just thinking of this the other night and when I saw your post this morning about which piece that peson hates...well, I just had to ask!

    So, which one piece from your collection does he/she love???

    How about any H piece?

    My DH absolutely LOVES my oreo 32cm HAC. He made a comment on it the other day, out of the blue, that he thinks it's beautiful and loves the black box and toile contrast along with the white stitching. "Classic", he says. (Yes, he made me fall in love with him all over again...:heart:)

    Not in my possession, but he loves the look, is a sellier Kelly in any of the deep browns.
  2. :roflmfao: My SO doesn't like anythng I have except this one Coach bag that he commented on as being "the best looking of anything I have" :push: I'm trying to get him to say something about the Hermes bag I'm saving for, but he just kind of looks at it, looks at me, and goes back to playing his video games.
  3. The Knee-pads AL...he loves the Knee-pads...

    (no, he really likes the Oreo Birkin that he SO'd for me.)
  4. what is an oreo birkin?
  5. LOL!

    My DH actually was most partial to a piece I sold--though he didn't tell me until after it was sold that it was the prettiest H bag he had ever seen. :s It was that Cocaon Lizard Constance--he just loved it and pronounced it "perfectly elegant".
    He also prefers Kellys to Birkins in general, and prefers sellier to retourne, so he's a structured bag kind of guy I guess. :lol:
  6. Black and white (leather & toile, or all leather). It reminds some of us of an Oreo Cookie!:drool:
  7. shoot. now this is going to make me go buy some and I can't control how many I eat!
  8. Dh loves the look of a Kelly, sellier, more than the look of birkin.
    Right now, he :heart: my rouge box kelly, sellier, also his fav color.
  9. :lol: mmmm Oreos....:drool:

    DH likes my new Jige and says it looks very elegant. He's also partial to the Constance (don't have one yet) and Rouge H box (don't have yet either).
  10. Considering that my DH is a PHH (Purse Hating Husband), he'll never out right say that he like one of my bags, but I know he like my Kellys and Birkins, and my Plume, when he first saw it he actually said "that's a nice bag!" But the funniest was the other day, when he went out of the house, then came back saying he'd forgotten his keys or cell phone or something, and he grumbled that he had so many things to carry around that he should get himself a Kelly!!LOL I just burst out laughing 'cause he was sort of speaking to himself, and it just came out!!
  11. I'm not sure about loving as I don't have all that many but he always comments on things that he bought for me. As in jokingly saying things like "Wow, that's a very nice scarf, where did you get it from?"

    He also once pointed out a bag at a shop. It was a pale (parchmein?) ostrich of some sort but I think it was more of fascination on his part.
  12. ex was literally mad about all kind of clutches and birkins on the other hand he found kelly matronly bolide boring and also hated all normal leathers
  13. He loves my cow keychain/bagcharm:girlsigh:
  14. He loves my 30cm bleu jean clemence with g/hw. :yes:
  15. His favorite is my Indigo 37cm Bolide Togo, PH