Ok so what Koobas are you buying from the fall line??

  1. I'm sure I will get a Harper. I'm starting to rethink getting an Elisha in any suede, but depending on how things go, I may. Possibly I'll choose between an Aram and a Hudson in olive patent too.

    Otherwise, I have a Gustto Cala on my list that's a for sure.

    When one gets to the really pricey stuff, I have a Prada and a YSL on there too. They most likely will just stay on the list. :sad:

    What about you?
  2. Y'know, I have my black python Ryan tote and I'm feeling pretty darn Kooba-satisfied lately. Nothing really jumps out for me in the new line...yet!

    However, I did spot this Lena in bark on sale...hmmm....

  3. None. Nothing grabs me, but that's okay, I need to start building up the piggy bank again.
  4. Hey, Mini.......did all of your purchases finally see daylight, or are some of them still "tucked" away until the proper time? I don't see anything that blows my hair back yet from the Fall line........
  5. I agree with Rose, nothing from the Fall line blows my skirt up. However, I do plan to see them in person at Nordstroms and that may change my tune.
  6. Yep...I wont be buying anything either. I do love the look of the black suede Elisha, but realistically it will be too much work to keep it looking top spec.
  7. I am going to wait to see them in real life before buying (so I say). That will be when I go to Las Vegas in a month. I hope they have them. I am liking the Katy in eggplant.
  8. So besides Nunnla I am going to be first again??? You know I swore I wasn't going to do this. My Katy in eggplant should be here tomorrow, and then I ordered a Suede Devin in Taupe. That's it for now. Besides I have a new Botkier Rose bag coming tomorrow and a Gustto Solba later this week. Now, darn it, I am eyeing the Cala bag.
  9. Ohhh! Tell us all about the Katy when she arrives. I am even liking the lava color. I always seem to go to black and this is a dark brown/black. Cant wait for pictures Lexie, will hubby model?
  10. Sure he will if I ask nice. I really liked the Crinkly leathers of the Vintage Shelby, Brooklyn, Tatum, and such so I wanted a bag in this new leather type.
  11. I'll be real interested in what you think of the Katy, Lexie, when you've had a chance to use it. I saw it irl over the weekend, along with the Jackie, Dylan, Linda, Olivia. I like the leather; looks like it would really hold up in the rain well. The eggplant color is a very toned down plum, lots of brown in it, but I think that makes it very versatile.
  12. I'm thinking about a suede bonnie in black!!
  13. Got the Hilarie last week and she's going back tomorrow. I loaded her up with my usual 'stuff' and she is soooo large she didn't retain her satchel squared off shape. Instead she kind of looked misshapen and ...odd...because of all that extra empty space. Like the additional slip pockets, and while I know intellectually that the cotton twill lining is sturdier, I am still emotionally and aesthetically attached to the ultrasuede of the older bags. ~sigh~

    Nunnla - didn't you also get this bag? Have you carried it yet? I'd love to here your thoughts/experience.

    I am definitely drawn to the Eden, Aram, Dylan and possibly the Harper. Wish I had a store nearby to try them out...:sad:
  14. The Katy is the only one that even caught my eye but I'm waiting until I see them in person.
  15. I'm planning (hoping) to give the Fall line a miss, think the suede Elisha is gorgeous and the Aram looks ok (only a bit similar to the Lena I've already got..)

    If nothing blows me away, I'm gonna wait until Spring:yes:

    Now if I could only stop buying shoes...