Ok, so we are officially in a recession, what does it mean to you and Hermes?

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  1. Ok, from a UK point of view, we have officially been declared as being in a recession.

    So for me and my affair will Hermes will continue but at a much slower pace.

    I am still going to get another birkin and a few treats such as a CDC silver or leather cuff, but it has opened my eyes much more to what I want and need.

    I have looked at other things such as an amazing Roger Dubuis watch - follow me, learning more about Christian Louboutin - Classic shoes only.

    I also want to pare down my items with things I will use much more.

    So, what does it mean to you?

    Of course, some countries may not be affected, but when I am seeing the pound worth less than the Euro, it does make me think.

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  2. I think this is a great thread. My DH is in the financial business and he thinks no country will be unaffected. And I think there will be very few individuals who won't be affected. Sure Buffet and Gates and Sergi and Larry (Google) will be just fine, but the majority of people will be touched by it somehow, someway.

    I think it helps to share ideas and thoughts too.

    For me, DH gave me a bag as a gift and unless H were to come out with the most ideal messenger bag, something that I've been dreaming of (that doesn't exist yet btw) I'm not buying another bag unless something happened Gods & Goddesses forbid to my black birkin. I would replace the black birkin with the same but not buying another "bag" not this year.

    I still will buy little treats, scarves, for me. I don't buy much else from H. If I see a pair of shoes, or sandels, ok, but that's about it.

    As for clothing, I've been trying to pair down for a long time. Make better use of my money even before the economy tanked.

    I realized I wear black pants, so having say XXXX pairs of black pants is a better investment than say trendy colors or even fabrics that I won't wear for a long time. I also took a good hard look at what I really wear and like as opposed to what I see, like, buy and wear a couple of times and that's it. I like my jeans and a white blouse, turtleneck sweater, t-shirt, I love leather and suede.

    So for me, I will buy less clothing, I'm not buying another bag, I'm cutting back on travelling too. Last year we did a total of about 12 trips, big and small NOT couting the overnighters. This year I'm planing on 4 - 5 trips max not couting overnighters so less than half.
  3. I think your DH is spot on, I am getting hopefully a black birkin because it is a lovely option and above all safe.

    When I am hearing first hand from people that are really worried about their jobs (these jobs, were at one time considered recession proof and safe), it does make you think long and hard.
  4. this is why I am thinking of the BDP Birkin as opposed to the Jypserie!

    MissMargaux--you don't think the Jypserie is the perfect messenger bag?
  5. I started thinking of buying H bags in Oct 2008 (bought in Nov) after hearing that Chanel bags were going up to 2600-3K mark. . . Previously, I thought H was out of the question because it was so much more money. I shop my closet -- a lot of Chanel, Dolce, YSL, Etro, Herrera etc RTW bought before the existence of the euro --

    Since the recession, I've pared down and given away my miu miu, fendi and dolce bags to my mom's assistant -- they seem too bling for me anymore; I've moved most of my chanel to my mom (that way, I can always borrow it back) but those don;t seem right anymore. . . The only other time I felt this way was I think in the 1990's when mini skirts went out -- I think my hemlines permanently adjusted to somewhere around the knee. . .

    It sounds counterintuitive, but I've stopped buying on sale -- I used to go crazy at sales and made mistakes.

    I think more about each purchase -- do I really love it. . . I kind of revel in the guilty pleasure of buying H -- not too long ago I could have bought a ton of shoes at Louboutin or manolo or dolce -- spent more money and not been as "full" with the pleasure of even buying just an H shawl or trinket. . .
  6. For me, following a major cull in my working hours, it's meant hugely reduced spending and changing my shopping mentality. I've now started shopping high street brands again such as H&M and TBH I'm kinda enjoying it. I'm such a designer clothes fiend for me I'm amazed at what good deals can be found on the high street.

    I really do not intend to sound stuck up with that comment because even shopping designer I always look for a deal, Yoox is my top shopping destination!

    Even when I shop at Bicester Village (designer outlet mall) I look for quality over quantity along with a great price.

    Great thread BTW SJ!!
  7. You said it Mooks :hugs:!! Quality over quantity is the word du jour for me as well. I am still totally in love with H but I'm not buying so many on-trend outfits as I used to. I'm focusing on classic pieces and accessories, and having loads of fun all along!
  8. I'm trying to make fewer impulse purchases so that I can feel as though I've saved for my H items.

    I hope to get one bag this year--I'm thinking either an orange good news or a squishy black bolide.
  9. ck21 - Are you just planning to snap your bag up if you see it? I thought that bolides can be hard to find. . . My local H - Madison Ave has them but I have not seen black. . .
  10. Yep...

    Definitely slowed down. Started last year though for me. I bought one scarf all last year. Alot of the designs didn't really appeal anyway...

    I would love a Gypsiere...or a vintage Kelly...but the price has to be right.

    I hopefully will have one major purchase soon....but that may be it for the year ...

    except I love the scarves this season..argh....:Push:
  11. I think with this recession we have to carefully decide what we buy and is it really worth it at the end of the day ...not because of some hype
  12. Zoopla, no sorry, I don't care of the Jypsiere for me as a messenger. First of all an everyday bag has to be fairly simple to get in and out of and still feel at least a little secure. The Birkin I have two handles so I feel it's not as easy to get into and because of the way it has to be carred also. I can not use the fap and still close it.

    The Jypsey which I wanted to love so badly becuase it was a messenger, just didn't work. When the flap is inside the interior pocket can't be gotten to easily without moving the flap. When worn as a messenger open (flap inside) the bag kind of hangs open, at least on me it did and it kinda of said "come pick my bag and take my things" That's how I felt. Now I know that I've heard you either love the jypsey or you don't. But then again, my funds are not unlimited and I always have to think about a purchase.

    Little H and 880 you both sound like me. Even before the economy tanked I was shocked at how much good clothing I was giving away and made an effort to buy less trendy one or two season. Skirt lenghts are at a knee length for me, don't vary them really. Same thing with shoes.

    But I'm going to add something, life is short, and it all depends on each individual life style and your own personal requirements too.

    I have mixed feelings, I am a cancer survivor with no children so I believe in living life to the fullest and enjoyment but I'm also in a very very unique situation. Because of what I want for my healthcare, if Gods and Goddess forbid my cancer should return, and I need treatment, I won't get into it but it will make Hermes look like a Walmart special or a Kmart blue light special. Even if it's a minor illness I pay cash. I came back from Paris sick with what is considered a minor issue easily treated and DH as well and becuase of my unique requirements, we paid $800 in medical costs.

    So if I have to choose, and DH does give me the choices, I choose my healthcare. I hope I never need it, honestly I hope it never comes to that. But until I'm 65 years old and living in Maine, I'm choosing healthcare over any desinger. \

    But like I said, I still buy my treats too, just a lot less than before becuase of the economy.

    I also don't shop sales often. I got a suede jacket on sale, but that was really luck recently and I think the economy had something to do with it, and once I got a great leather jacket on sale too, but that was also sheer luck. I like to shop when it's not a "sale" but when say Saks has the "friends and family". The same skin care cream is 15% cheaper with that so that to me is a good sale. I would buy it anyway at full price, so why not buy it 15% cheaper and stock up, not going out of style either.
  13. It means there are more Birkins available on the shelf which means that it's easier for me to get one. Also, vintage Kellys are less expensive which means I might purchase one if the right one comes along. On the other hand, the recession and the weak pound has made some other assets available for acquisition, which will lessen my household's spending in other areas for a while. So maybe a couple of "biggies" this year, but no or less accessories.
  14. Mooks what is high street? What is Yoox?
  15. For me, I'll definitely cut down on impulse buying....I'm very prone to that! I don't have an Hermes bag yet, am actually buying my first one this year, I will still buy my lindy, but will probably wait until next year to buy my next H bag. I'm hoping to buy some H accessories so I'll just have to "give up" other purchases....

    bottomline - I'll be sacrificing other purchases to fund my new Hermes love-affair.