Ok, so this week I got my perfo cles and vernis agenda!!!

  1. I ordered my vernis agenda this weekend, haven't gotten it yet, then I went to the KOP LV store today and wanted to leave with something so in the last minute I went back to the perfo cles which I have liked for a while but kept talking myself out of, I do love it, and actually wound up with the green rather than my original choice of orange....I have a bunch of mandarin epi pieces so I think I got the orange thing covered anyway....I LOVE IT, I'm so glad I got it now rather than wishing I did a few month from now when I won't be able to find it anymore!!!Yay, fun day in between work meetings today!!!!!
  2. SO PRETTY!!!:nuts: :love:
  3. Congrats! I loooooove your Perfo Cles! It's so cute in the green!!!:love: :love: :love:
  4. tooo cute...I love that cles!
  5. Congrats! It's pretty!
  6. congrats!!!!!
  7. So cute, congrats !
  8. :nuts: Congrats!!! Glad you got it it's beautiful:yes: :flowers:
  9. Very nice, congrats!! Can't wait to see pics of your vernis agenda!
  10. Very cute!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics of the agenda!
  11. Lucky you, congrats! :heart:
    I love the green and want it so badly, geez, I sound like a broken record!
  12. Way to go!!!
    I have an orange cles and I love it:love:
  13. ooh, i love the green, u made the right choice :P congrats
  14. I like the green too! Both orange and green are great b/c the piece itself is cute:P
  15. cute! i want one too. hey,do you think it would look odd if i use it for my car key and see it dangle in the car? heard its a bit bigger than the vernis cles...