ok, so the ban didn't last that long...a reveal!

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  1. So, as you all know very well, the ban was supposed to be at least 1 month. Needless to say, I have more will power to avoid french fries and cake than I do to resist the pull of H! ok, no long story as it's late here....so here it goes. I even disposed of the box....too much work to re-tie at this hour!!

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  2. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. Ooooh myyyy
  4. So, most of my H bags, up to now, have all been pretty structured....I really didn't have a bag to just sling on my shoulder and run through the airport! So I will call this my "airport/running out of the house dump all your mail in this" bag!
  5. :popcorn::popcorn:
  6. I rarely buy H in black, but as you can see from the handle...I went back to BLACK..with a little help of a side scarf!

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  7. oh the flesh is weak...............................when seduced by the siren song of HERMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  8. So in the interest of saving myself from baggy eyes and bad hair tomorrow morning, here she is!

    Black Gao in Clemence with a blue pocket square with crops on it. I have NO idea if that thing even has a name!! I like the pop of color! The ban is officially broken and OVER!! :nuts:

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  9. Yummy!:love: Congratulations!
  10. omigod i love it....................what is that amazing bag!? is it a new style?:tup:

  11. It's called the GAO bag. SO fabulous. You have to go and try one on Hermesaholic!! The bag is LIGHT and the shoulder strap the absolute perfect length. Since the interior is canvas, the bag is so much lighter than you would expect! My first slouchy bag! A GREAT ban breaker don't you think? I have not seen these around very much, but did see it in a tpfr's post earlier...which of course got my head spinning!!!:okay:
  12. CONGRATS! It looks like such an easy bag to use. I have always thought about buying this bag!
  13. Ohhh. Ahhhh! She is gorgeous. There isn't much info on tPF on the Gao. May I be so bold as to ask how much she was?
  14. Wonderful bag! I love the soft style.
  15. Sure Valencia. The Gao is about $3700 pre tax, a BAHGAIN, compared to the other H bags!! :rolleyes: More than an evelyne, less than a small birkin/kelly! Super multipurpose bag when you don't want to carry something that is screaming "H...come and get me and my yummy H accessories that are inside"!! :upsidedown: