Ok, so my friend has been scammed and cant get her money back thru PP

  1. As per my last thread, the seller has since closed his / her PayPal account. I have read on this forum that there are places you can report internet fraud, fake sellers, local authorities etc. That's all good, but IN REALITY, does it work? Do these scammers ever get chased up by these so called "authorities". Is it worth the time and effort in reporting or does it just go into a huge pile of fake bag sellers from eBay. There must be 100's of these cases everyday. Do they actually get followed up? Has anyone ever had a win? :confused1:
  2. I'd like to know the answer to this question as well. I've been having trouble with a certain seller on eBay since the start of February...and PayPal screwed me over and canceled my claim for me.

    Happened to get online today and see that he is no longer a registered user. Not entirely sure what to do. I thought that I had all his contact information, but I don't seem to have too much.

    So yes, I would definitely like to know if you get anywhere with these other types of pressure, or if it's not really even worth it.
  3. you can re-file a claim via paypal did you call them?
  4. She can't file a claim thru PP because the sellers account is now closed
  5. I was under the impression as well as once the claim is closed, you are unable to open another claim. If a seller closes his eBay account, does that have anything to do with his PayPal one?

    (And, to give the seller some credit, the package that I sent back hasn't reached him yet, according to usps.com, so it may not be a lost cause....yet)
  6. I am still dealing with a scammer who totally ripped me off in May of last year. Long story short, I stupidly purchased an LV handbag outside of eBay and paid with a money order. Of course, I never got my bag and the seller became a non-registered user.

    I have tried to track down this person using every avenue. I had their address since I sent a money order. I filed a small claim complaint but the seller says their identity was stolen. I still don't know if this is true or not. And also, I am in CA, sent the money order to AZ, and it was signed over to another person and deposited in an ATM in OR. I filed a police report with the San Francisco police and I'm waiting for a copy of it. The AZ police refuse to get off their butts unless San Francisco contacts them.

    Meanwhile, I have a copy of the signed money order and you would think this would be enough evidence. So far, it isn't. The police department advised me to contact the FBI since this is going across several states, and another friend of mine suggested contacting the IRS and reporting this person for not claiming my money order as income, which I thought was an interesting twist. In addition, this is racketeering ...

    It's all very complicated. If you can find this person's physical address, I'd contact the police department in their area and also file a small claims complaint against them.

    Feel free to ask questions ... it can get VERY complicated, which is why scammers do it ... many people aren't willing to spend the time it takes to follow up.
  7. Sigh, yeah, I know the feeling. I'm still in the "waiting game" persay, because he hasn't exactly NOT refunded yet. The tracking number that was on my package that I refused is still active, so I'm able to track it, and it still shows it as "refused."

    So, he hasn't gotten it yet, so I can hope that he is at least honest enough to refund it....or can he refuse it too, and send it back again?

    Because, seriously, if it comes back to me, or I get it somehow...I'm just keeping the thing, and I could always do SOMETHING with it. I didn't know my claim would be canceled until PayPal sent me a nice little letter AFTER I sent it back. Although, after the claim canceled itself, the seller did send me an email saying that if it was sent back in original form, he would honor his refund policy. (Well, there's no way that it couldn't be in original form, since I never opened the box.)

    So, I suppose we shall see. I would love to know if anyone else had some luck, and how they went through it.
  8. Too many reports to these agencies. They never get to them. I got royally screwed once and contacted the District Attorneys office in the sellers county. It took six months but I got my money back! The FBI would probably get involved if it were an extremely valuable item in the 1000's of dollars where an arrest was inevitable and they wouldn't be wasting their time. Just too many reports out there.....
  9. I am going through the same thing. I stupidly purchased a Gucci bag from e-designer italia thinking that because it guaranteed authenticity it would be true. This was prior to finding this website...ugh. Anyway, I filed a claim with paypal who also send me an email telling they were closing my claim, I tried again with the seller and their phone is conveniently disconected. I am currently disputing the charge with my credit card company. I don't know what the outcome will be since paypal is involved, but I am hoping for the best.

    So if you havent done that, I would suggest you do...not sure if it will work, but its worth the try!!

  10. Also in the auction was the listing covered by Paypal for $200 or $2000? You would probably still file a claim with Paypal if you haven't waited too long. I think it's 45 days.
  11. Did she pay via CC? Cuz then she can file a claim with them.