ok so its not a handbag or purse BUT WOULD U GUYS SPEND THIS MUCH ON A BRACELET?!?!!?

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  1. Hey ladies!! i need help!!!

    I have been loving this bracelet for months and i can get it and now im having a panic attack about spending this much on a bracelet

    Its the LV inclusion bracelet its made of plastic with swarovski crystals inside

    i love it its SOOO CUTE BUT,,,,, SO $$


    SOO I need opinions!!! I AM ON THE EDGE HERE WOULD YOU BUY IT!?!?!?!?!


    anyone who owns one?!!?


    I am so torn i really need help!
    thankks ladies :heart: i know i can count on you !!!

  2. Well, I'm not a good person to ask, as I regularly spend that much (or more) on costume jewellery! :biggrin:

    I once spent £550 (about $1,069 at current conversion rates) on a Tom Ford for YSL cuff!

    If you really like it and can afford it, then why not? :shrugs:
  3. if you reall like it, by all means go ahead......
    if there's doubt, then don't....

    but personally, i'd rather save the money for another bag.....
  4. I guess if you are really set on enough bags, clothes, beauty products, small leather goods, etc and still have enough money left over then it's your perogative.

    I don't think I personally could justify that much for a plastic bangle. I know it has swarovski, but I feel you are paying for the name alot more on this than any other LV item. Are the crystals really worth $290?? I would rather buy a LV pochette or a nice swarovski piece (or two).

    For reference, the most I have spent on bags so far are a $400 Coach Legacy and a $300 MBMJ satchel.

    I don't know that I would pay that much even when I do progress to more expensive bags.
  5. HMMM..... Personally i would save the money for another bag but its up to you. If you really want it that much then you should go for it.
  6. It's really cute, but I, personally, would use the money towards a bag. The bracelet I might wear now for fun, but it's something I would get bored of. Bags, on the other hand, I would love for a long time.

  7. Ah, but is a piece of animal skin (and/or canvas) with some base metal attached to it, really worth what many people on here pay, either? :shrugs:

    At the end of the day, you're paying for the design, the name (in the case of designer items), the country of manufacture, the expertise of the workers, the advertising etc.; as well as the cost of the materials, whatever you buy. :yes:

    The mark-up's no higher on jewellery than it is on bags! In fact, due to the recent popularity of bags, it may even be lower! :biggrin:
  8. I agree with the point that it is a plastic bangle for that much money!!
    I spent 250 on a LV belt once and swore that would be the most I spent on an accessory.....other than bags of course...oh and sunglasses
    But if you love it....get it....I would talk myself out of it and spend it on a fab pair of sunglasses for the spring/summer!
  9. haha OHHH sunglasses chodessa what an idea! :smile:

    I do really like it but ughh it does seem like a lot for a plastic bangle,,, i had asked the woman to hold on to it for me(on tpf) but it wasnt a wts AD that i asked on it was a personal thing

    but for a few wks now ive said i was going to get it and i was about to pay and my stomach hurt i got so nervous about spending so much on it that i had to stop

    but now i am having major guilt if i change my mind after she has been so super nice! :sad:

    but i feel like i shouldnt spend it on a bracelet, i dont have $$ like that and so its a lot to me
    o no! :sad:
    ***feeling very stressed and guilty dont know what to do****
  10. I don't think i would.. but who am I to say.. I spent $255 for the matching key ring. hahaha. :blush:
  11. Even though I love pink I don't think I'd spend this much on this bracelet. Although I do like the the clear ones, inclusions is what I think they're called. I say save the money for a gorgeous bag, wallet or shoes.
  12. o gosh im so worried she is going to be so angry with me

    should i offer to send a little $ (like $10-15) as a thank yoou just for holding it for me or is it ok to just say after 2 weeks of saying i wanted it that i cant do it!
    HELP! :sad:
  13. but im thinking i cant do it its so mcuh $ for me i have to save it for a bag,,, AH ugh dont know what to do!
  14. Slush, if you're not sure, let it go, she will understand (hopefully)... If you really love it, try not to worry about the money. Will it go with your other stuff, will you wear it next year? If you don't think you'll get more than a couple of seasons out of it, put the money towards something else;)

  15. How long have you wanted it and do you want it more than anything else you could buy for the same amount?

    I think you need to imagine that it has sold out and you don't have one. How do you feel?

    If you feel really disappointed, then you should buy it! :yes:

    That's what I do, anyway! ;)
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