Ok so it's crunch time..

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  1. I am going tonight to find my next LV bag. I reallllllly love the Cabby GM but I could buy two bags for that amount of money. I think I going to get the Neverfull GM for sure. What other bag do you suggest, maybe something damier, or something black. It has to be around $900 or less.
  2. What about the Damier Saleya? But seriously, if you LOVE the Cabby, you should get it!!!
  3. are you getting the mono or damier neverfull? black epi montaigne?
  4. if you tell us what you already have maybe we can tell you what ELSE to get LOL.

    you should get one shoulder and one handheld.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i really like epis and they last forever.
    so one causal (neverfull)
    and one dressy (alma or epi)
  5. If you really love the Cabby, I would seriously consider giving it another look in my opinion. I have the cabby and absolutely adore this bag. Can be hand held or worn over the shoulder, nice size, not too heavy and best of all, has a great lining of yellow/gold. You can also zip up so things don't fall out.
    I've found that if I decide to buy something other than my true love, I end up with those bags AND the one I love in the end. Happy shopping! :smile:
  6. I would get the Cabby GM too ... I love how you can carry by hand, crook of your arm, shoulder and cross-body!
  7. Thanks for your opinions gals. I am going to try them on tonight.
  8. No 2 other bags can replace the Cabby GM :yes:
  9. Go with your gut and what you love... you won't regret it! Have fun shopping! Can't wait to see what you come home with :smile:
  10. maybe damier azur speedy 30 and a vernis cles or key holder..
  11. I gotta agree with you there - at least none for the same price. The Cabby is the most GORGEOUS denim bag ever, if not one of the most amazing LV's period. Go for it.
  12. Definitely agree. I'm always falling into the trap of thinking, I'd rather have 2 bags instead of one.. but if it's not the bag you really want, then you'll always regret it !
  13. I have speedy in damier azur 30 and mini Lin in brown. And the small bucket. Just sold the bh. As much as I love the cabby I will have to wait too much money. Maybe ill just get one. And save my money.
  14. Adis, have a look at the Tivoli if you can...the montorgueil, the roxbury drive in vernis...there are so many nice ones!! Let us know what you got!
  15. I saw go with your gut!