Ok - so I'm one of the weirdos that got a bag on bag...

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  1. i luuuurve the red sequin one ... so sad to hear they were 'faulty'!
  2. I love this bag! It looks really great. Are there any more floating about? I had my eye on one that was on sale at the Marc Jacobs store in Hong Kong but it's sold out :sad:
  3. Saks had some on sale. There are a few listed on ebay. Just make sure to authenticate them here first!
  4. Wow it's absolutely gorgeous. :biggrin: I always wanted that bag... it has such a funky look to it.
  5. one just sold on ebay last week for like 600, but it wasnt a leather lined runway bag
  6. bump!

    your bag is a stunner! would you mind posting a modelling pic of the bag please?
  7. I ended up selling it! It seemed more like a work of art rather than something I would carry every day!
  8. aw, really? that's too bad. i love the bag on bags. i should've bought on the first season they came out. i like those versions better than the re-releases.
  9. will this do?
  10. shop to the rescue! that's why she's got a bag named after her. ;) sarahp and i were running around the mj store calling it that when i met her on wednesday btw.
  11. I LOVE that modeling pic! What a beautiful, interesting bag.
  12. I love your new find. It's such a cool bag, love the bling bling and the gorgeous shade of pink
  13. hahaha...that's so awesome! i hope you confused gabby with your secret code names for bags!
  14. aw that's a shame HmMm.

    Thanks shop for the pic!
  15. Oh man, that's the coolest bag ever! I love the color and all the sparkle it has! I wanna touch that mule leather!