Ok - so I'm one of the weirdos that got a bag on bag...

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  1. ^ Thats awesome! I totally never thought that it would be like that but that would be so handy! Congrats!
  2. Love those little sparkly frogs! :heart::heart: The leather lining looks amazing. Congrats on such a unique find!!
  3. YUM! Congrats - that is a fun, funky bag! Is the interior as smushy and pettable as it looks?
  4. awesome bag!! you're not a weirdo - to each their own, right?? Love the pink color, and the froggies are adorable!! I wish I could feel that yummy leather.
  5. tuffcookie and i were playing with this same exact bag at the boutique just an hour ago! except that version didn't have a b and the frog clasp had been glued shut, so you got the better version, for sure. it's one hot, standout style. it's either called the robert or the duffy. the bag-on-bag line was named after mj's business partner. congrats!
  6. i love your new bag! congrats! i've always thought the purple one was gorgeous. is it heavy to carry?
  7. glued shut? WTH? that's horrible!:confused1:
  8. i'm loving it! i think i'm one of the weirdos too that like the bag on bag style.. i was thinking to hunt the red one..
  9. yeah, the rhinestone-studded frogs are so heavy and the clasp was weak, so the front pouch kept popping open. instead of fixing the clasp, which would've made more sense, corporate made the boutique send back all the robert and duffy bags, so the bag in the front could be glued shut.
  10. You know what, with the help of your pictures I actually really like this. The colors are great and that interior leather is TDF. How much did you win the bag for?
  11. Way to Go!!!! - I think you got the runway sample for sure! - wasn't this the one we were discussing in the authenticate it thread?? And to think you have one where the froggy clasp is REALLY working too!!!

    Thanks for the update!! - I knew it looked like the real deal -- Keep all the runway pics you can find!!!
  12. tadpole - I was just fondling that bag last week! I wanted to see if it was just the same as mine. I couldn't figure out how to open the front bag, so I figured I'd leave it alone. That's really dumb they glued them shut!

    E - well I ended up paying a little over $500 shipped.

    And everyone, the interior is really that awesome. It's seriously some of the coolest leather I've felt. It's like a silky sponge :biggrin:
  13. I really like this bag so if that makes me a wierdo, then so be it :P. It's so pretty. If it wasn't so damn expensive, I wouldn't mind owning one as well. I wonder if the boutiques will have some of these on sale at some point...

  14. Dayum girl, nice price! Do we get modeling pics??:drool:
  15. It is definitely a conversation piece - the colors are awesome and I love the frogs! ;) Congrats!