Ok - so I'm one of the weirdos that got a bag on bag...

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  1. I figured you guys would like to see pics of this anomaly! I got it on ebay - no one was sure if it was authentic or not. It's too well made to be fake. The seller said she bought it in Paris at a fashion sample sale. I saw this same bag at MJ in soho (same coloring, sans the gold B). The interior is mule leather apparently. It is the most AWESOME leather ever! I want an entire purse made out of this!

    It isn't in perfect condition - there were sticky tags attached on the interior pockets that was a pain to try to get off. There is a paint splotch or something on the back too. The zippers are YKK, but even if it is a fake, I'm delighted with it! :P

  2. that is so damn funky, I love it! you go girl!
  3. WOW! i think that's the real deal. i remember seeing that gold B on the runway show...what does it mean i wonder...

    that's fricken gorgeous! i'd stick in a glass shadow box and hang that bugger on my wall. what a piece of art! is it way heavy??? congrats!! what do you think of it??
  4. Yeah - I saw a couple of the runway bags with B's (the other bag on bag with lace). It stands for Bonham - my last name ;)

    It is a work of art, fo sho! It's not heavy at all. I showed my dh, and he actually loves the bag. They grow on you.
  5. is bonham the name of the bag?? that's cool it's your last name! i always kinda liked this line. love the fact the outside bag is a lil' functional coin-purse!!
  6. Oh, hahaha! No - bonham is just my last name. I was teasing. I can't remember the name of the bag.

    Yeah, the front bag is pretty big and it has a cell pocket within. Too cool!
  7. That bag is cool in a crazy sort of way. (I happen to like crazy sort of things :upsidedown:) You're gonna turn some heads when you carry it. :weird:
  8. Nothin' like a little bag-on-bag action, lol! I love the bling-ey frogs!! And that interior is LUSCIOUS!! I just want to reach into my laptop and pet it! Congrats!
  9. can you open and use the little bag?
  10. Love that bag! The color is gorgeous. Enjoy her!
  11. very nice bag ...
    never seen !!!! maybe it's a limited edition ?
  12. I LOVE IT!!! at first I didn't, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it! It grew on me!!! Congrats, it's lovely! And i want to go find some mule leather to fondle.... :biggrin:
  13. I didn't really like some of the other varieties, but this one is lovely. The colors are beautiful. Congrats and enjoy it!
  14. How interesting! I definitely agree with loving the blingy frogs!
  15. Thanks everyone! I know it is SOME bag - I thought they were the most ridiculous things I had ever seen. Then, well, sometimes you just gotta try something WILD.

    Joke - the frog purse does open up. The last sucky pic shows the interior. The front of the pocket is lined and has a cell phone in there.

    It's a quirky son of a gun!