Ok so I'm nuts and wound up with the Popincourt Haut!

  1. After all my indecisiveness, went back to LV this morning and wound up with what I started with ... the Popincourt Haut! Luckily the manager is just the sweetest guy and was just lovely about it. Said he was going to miss me coming in every day, lol!!! Stuck my little red bandeau on it and it makes it even more casual! I think that I'm now a happy camper :love: ! Also put my name on the Damier Speedy list - I'm #4 and they are expected in by June1!! So there we go, Sybil is now finished changing her mind!
  2. Nice one! Congrats!
  3. Congrat's
  4. Congrats! I'm the queen of indecision, so I know exactly how you feel!
  5. ok, i can't folow anymore. Wich bags did you bought and returned? It might help me make a decission
  6. Congrats on your Pop Haut. It doesn't matter how indecisive you are as long as you end up with a bag you love. Sometimes you just have to take it home before you can really see yourself carrying a particular bag. Enjoy!
  7. That is exactly right! Bought the pop h first and loved it but then started reading more and more threads and decided perhaps it was too "structured". Went and bought the Batignolles (regular) on the advice of the SA there. VERY cute but VERY small. Then got the bucket and the petite noe but both of those were not comfortable (and hubby hated the peite noe). So I came back to the Popincourt. Its just the perfect size (not too big or small) and it can be handheld or shoulder which is what I wanted. Like I said, the manager at the LV store was just so lovely and although I was embarassed to go in this morning, he was just as happy to see me and could have cared less!!
  8. Now I'm nuts...Your picture of it with the bandeau tied on it makes me want one AGAIN!!! :wacko: *SIGH* I had already decided on something else and now I see this...:lol: It looks really nice!:cool:

    What did your husband hate about the Petit Noe?
  9. Yay! I am happy for you :biggrin: It's a great bag! I'm glad they treated you well.
  10. Hi Ann - yep they were just great (and I was worried they would just laugh at me!).

    My huband didn't like the shape of the Petite Noe - especially on me (we are both a bit too round, lol)
  11. :biggrin:Aww.. thats a cute story. Which Store did you go into? I love when Sa/Managers are nice. Im very indecisive, but I worry that ill get mistreated if im wishy washy. Congrats your bag looks FAB! :idea:
  12. Very nice!! I saw the same bag the other day on a girl's shoulders and was thinking, hmmm I'd like to get me one of those. And I like the red bandeau as well.
  13. Cookiepieface- - it was the Tysons Corner VA store - incredibly nice, friendly and easygoing - actually had a lot of fun with them!!
  14. I'm So Glad It All Worked Out...& Such A Beautiful Bag (So Cute WithThe Bandeau!)
  15. lol, Lovely!