Ok... so im new to flaps

  1. I will be honest i wasnt all that into the flaps when i first saw them. I KNOW I KNOW. But after a while seeing those beautiful flaps you all have, i am now lusting over one so bad! I saw this one and im wondering which flap is this one exactly, i know theres diff. but im new to the flaps, can anyone tell me which size does she have also? and what is the SMALLEST one available, how much does that one cost? :love:
  2. Hi Sinny1, I wasn't into flaps at first either, but they really grew on me and now I have a reissue, a jumbo and a slouchy large double flap! The size Ashley has is a jumbo, which is the largest size in the classic flaps (in the reissues, there is also a size 228, which is the largest reissue and bigger than a jumbo). The smallest flap I think is a mini flap and I'm not sure of the price, but take a look in the reference library, I'm sure all that info is there. :yes:
  3. I was thinkin about the mini flap as well:graucho: But is there one a little bigger than the mini?
  4. That would be the small...
    There's mini, small, med (someplaces call that large) and jumbo (some places call that XL)
  5. The smallest size in the timeless classic flap series is the mini-flap, followed by East-West, Small, Medium/Large, and Jumbo. The mini-flap (in caviar) just had a price increase from $1395 to $1725 (or was it $1750, last 2 digits I don't recall precisely but it was $1725 or higher). I thought that one wouldn't go up as part of last month's price increase but unfortunately it did.....I love how chic the mini-flap looks when on but a $1,7xx price tag for a bag that tiny is hard to swallow. E-W flap (caviar version) is now priced at around $1750 too.
  6. I fell in love with the flaps, too. I WILL have one someday!
  7. I can't get over this photo! A classic Chanel with flip flops???????? Come on!!!! I live in the land of casual (Miami) but I think this is really bad taste - I know, to each his own and all that -
  8. I really do want a flap now, but yikes price kind of high for the smallest one. Hmm about Ashley Tisdale i think her style is very casual and comfy, which is how i am so i have no problem with it. I have always wanted the Medallion tote, and when i saw Lauren Conrad pulling off her outfit with the Medallion and flip flops, i knew it was perfect for me too! Although i do admit, having some great flats or other shoes is even better. I guess im just a girl who loves to be comfy:yes:
  9. i have to admit too.. i wasn't all about the flaps when i first got into chanel. i was allllll about cambon (duh haha) and the luxe ligne. but nowwww i absolutely LOVEEEEEEE the classic flaps. i don't know.. they just really started to grow on me
    personally, i really like the mini flap. just because it's so cute and i also don't carry much stuff with me anyway
  10. I was not into classic flap and I am pleased to say that I am still not into classic flap!!!I still love my Cambon reporter and my other seasonal Chanel bags.

    I went to my local Chanel boutique to do some last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas eve and of course it's full of people. BUT (and I ain't kidding here) every lady in the shop was carrying jumbo classics!! Some in caviar, some in lambskin, some in blue, some in white, some with silver h/w, some with gold h/w!!!! Sometimes it is difficult to ignore the power of the celebrities!

    As for me, I still have no desire to get a classic flap. I have tweed flaps though. Tweed flaps are nice. (Chanel tweed is nice!)

    Oh, are my tweed flaps, pink flap and hybrid with MM lock considered classic flaps? Hope not........:sweatdrop:
  11. Hey Sinny!

    I just bought a flap! PM Sent!
  12. I'm a flap freak....i love flap bags.....i do have a tweed flap, e/w flap and MB reissue 227.....but i'm not goin to stop here, still goin to add 3 more flaps to my chanel collection....hehe

    Anyway, i'm also fell in love with the mini flap lately....thinkin of addin one as well.
  13. [​IMG] me too, i love how you can put it as messenger style! I want a lil purse, because my Medallion is like medium size for me ( im pretty petite), i think having a little one like the mini would be perfect when i dont want to carry a lot, and feel free to roam through the stores!
  14. I first thought flaps were too old for me. Now I love them and think they are very hip.
  15. i feel like the mini may be bit too small. I had the Small Flap in black caviar and I really felt that I couldn't fit anything in there. I have a ziparound wallet and it wouldn't fit in the flap which made it troublesome in terms of usage. If you have a compact wallet, I think small would be better than mini. But if you have a big wallet like I do then definitely do not get the small.