Ok, so Im a Coach ignoramus/newbie...but a $900 Coach bag seriously exists!?

  1. ^GET OUTTA TOWN! $1200 DOLLARS! Good grief, I'd love to see it. Where should I go to see a pic?

    Wowee, I had no idea. I thought Coach bags went up to about the 5-700 dollar range!

    Thank you for enlightening me...I really am a Coach ignoramus, LOL, I had no clue!
  2. Do a search, many of us our the Lily and have pics posted. There are two sizes.
  3. It is a nice bag but $900??

    I just returned the red Miranda bag and this would have been a good replacement. Didn't see it in the store.

    I guess I just have to wait until the next 25% off comes.
  4. the Lily bag is still on the coach website - you can see lots of stock photos on there :smile:
  5. The $20,000 Croc satchel was sold out and waitlisted in Manhattan and Rodeo Drive. From Coach, yes sir!
  6. I don't think there's anything special about this $900 bag though ... .keep watching it.. bet it goes down down down ... !!!
  7. Last time I was at the Rodeo store they had one that was either $30,000 or $40,000 I can't remember. I also saw one that was $20,000 while I was there. I have a 40% discount letter from a repair I sent it. I thought what would they do if I tried to buy one of those bags using it...Would they honor it?
  8. I think they'd have to honor it, don't you? If the letter doesn't exclude bags over a certain amount or limit the amount of savings I think they'd have to do it. LOL - can you imagine the looks you'd get?
  9. Do you mind me asking what the repair was for, what they did, did they give you your bag back, is there a time limit on the discount, etc ? thanks

  10. It was for my husbands wallet. It started to tear. So we sent it in for repair and they could not repair it, so they sent me a letter for 40% off my next full price purchase. They also sent me back his old wallet along with the letter. There is no experation date on the letter. Now I just have to find something to use it on.
  11. This vintage Hamptons tote is just amazing in person - very very heavy thick leather like the Miranda, unlike the regular Hamptons line. But I saw a dark blue one regular price at Saks and you could probably still order it from a Coach store for regular price (maybe even 25% off w/PCE), just not the red since it's sold out.
  12. thank you