Ok so I want a birkin by December... HELP!

Should I get the Chanel bag or Hermes wallet??

  • Coral/Salmon Chanel 2.55

  • Hermes Bearn Wallet in Ostrich

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Nov 10, 2005

I need your help.. Here's the deal. I have currently a coral/salmon 2.55 chanel in large on hold for me by my SA until I come back to the US again which is in 3 weeks time.

However, my dad only gave me the budget for about 1 bag per quarter. And since my mom has given me the green light to get a birkin for my graduation in December, i want to put my name in Hermes Atl.. BUT the list is closed. So.. I plan to buy a wallet from hermes so they will let me put my name for a birkin. The problem is the wallet that I want cost the same as the chanel bag.. :evil: I want a bright color in Ostrich.. :love:

SO is it better to get the bag now which I really want and my SA has been so nice to me for holding it a month... OR get the hermes wallet to be put on the waitlist of a birkin!??? And hopefully the SA will get it for me by Dec...

To tell you the truth I don't know if I like the wallet that much. It is relatively plain, but sophisticate.. BUT since I need to change my current wallet too (I have an LV monogram wallet which is 3 years old now).. and haven't found the wallet that I really like.. I was wondering I might as well get the Hermes wallet...

So I'm in complete dilemma...

Question 1: Should I get the Hermes wallet?

Question 2: Should I get the wallet or the chanel bag?

Question 3: Is there a big chance that I will be put on the waitlist if I get the Hermes bearn wallet?

PS: I went with my mom to the chanel store.. She said its a beauty but IT is again too old for me.. So she wouldn't buy it for me :sad2: and sadly it's not an option.. Btw, I bought my paddy and spy bags with me.. and she HATES the paddy!!! I mean she REALLY HATES it since there's a lot of fakes in Indonesia and she said the workmanship on the bag is bad... But she likes my spy.. don't love it but can live with it I guess and that's good enough :amuse:
i say get the wallet in ostrich, i think it would be lovely!

i don't know if you would be added to the wait list just for buying a wallet though
Btw, if I get the chanel bag now, I can get the wallet in around May/June, but that's too long if I want to get on the waitlist now.. More dilemma...

I plan to buy scarves and twills too.. And I will continually buy presents/gifts only from Hermes FROM NOW ON... hahah.. I'm having the hermes fever!
It sounds as though it's more of a time dilemma than a bag dilemma, since you will probably end up buying all of these bags anyway!

Do you think that buying the wallet will guarantee that you will make the waitlist for the birkin and that your birkin will be delivered by december? Or is this all hopeful thinking... I'm just thinking that even if you do buy the wallet now, you may not be able to get your birkin by December -- what if it takes longer than that to fill your order? Or do you have positive knowledge of the dates.

If you can't really guarantee the dates, it seems to me that you shouldn't make your decision based on this dateline...

Not sure if this is of any help or not! good luck!
I think if it was me i would opt for the chanel
but only you know what you want
and also you can get your birkin a little bit later
as the saying goes better lat e then never
and maybe if you let the chanel go at a latter date you will regret it and from your earlier post i think you would only be buying the wallet to get on the list where as i think you genuinley like the chanel bag
good luck with whatever choice you make
This is a tough decision. I am all for doing whatever it takes to get a birkin, but not sure it will ultimately make that much of a difference for you in terms of timing. Have you called other Hermes boutiques? Maybe you won't have to wait that long after all. I will keep my fingers crossed for you;)
This is a tough call! Sometimes a Birkin can take up to two years - sometimes you just get lucky...
It may take more than buying just a wallet to get your name in the running for a Birkin, but it's worth a shot!
I think an ostrich Bearn wallet would be incredible!
We have all seen and heard that there is no guarantee to get on a list. Don't think if you buy a wallet that you will be placed on a list.

If it were me between the wallet and the bag I would go for the bag. You are not to young for the bag. If you carry yourself like a young lady or young woman and dress presentably the bag will be an amazing accessory. I also feel if you take care of it it will be there for you for a lifetime. (for when your mom thinks you are old enough) As for the wallet, I say pass.

It sounds like you will get a Birkin somehow, but like with everyone else you must have patience and act mature about it. You will get it, but you must wait. Then, later once you have your BIrkin the next purchase should be the wallet. You can then choose a wallet that you will love that will work with the bag.

My opinion...hey, patience!!!! You are one lucky individual.
get the Chanel; it's a great bag and a beautiful gift for yoru graduation!! And don't be too sure that if u buy small items from Hermès, the waiting list will be automatically open for you...it's not so obvious, sorry....
wellow - The bearn wallet in ostrich is gorgeous! If you really want and NEED a wallet then get it. But this doesn't guarantee that you get on the list. Even if you do, there's the time factor and it might take a year to get your Birkin.
I think after all of the pondering.. and thought.. I'll just asked my dad for both.. I know it's a very spoilt way to do.. hahaha.. And I'm even embarrased to say it.. Either that or I'll find another way... We'll see.. OR I must be patient!! It's so hard to have patient.. The waiting and uncertainty is killing me...

My priority for now is get the chanel bag first.. and then get a the wallet... I feel bad for my SA.. she's so nice to me... And I wanted the bag too in the first place..

Noriko: Get the wallet now!!.. I think the croc wallet is going to be gorgeous.. although I don't want the croc for now..
i'd say go for the chanel, i think it's stupid to have to buy things for the privilege of being on a list to spend money. i know that's how hermes operates, but i wouldn't play that game - there are other ways. in the meantime, the chanel is so pretty in that color and a great bag for spring - plus, you don't have to do anything for the privilege of buying it, lol.