OK, so I have to have an ivory Yris bag...

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  1. Now that I have seen a brown one in person, I am so obsessed. I know they are an old style but there has to be one somewhere. I've been checking eBay constantly and to no avail. There was one on there a couple of months ago but if I remember correctly the seller did not have the shoulder strap. I have previously been an MJ girl but I am so hating his new styles and think its time for me to move on. I just have to have this bag!!
    One thing I'm confused about are the sizes. Were there more than one like the Muse? The one that I looked at seemed bigger than a medium muse but not as big as the large. The retail was $1795, I think. Someone please help!!:crybaby:
  2. I just saw this on Bluefly last week, I would stalk the site like 100 times a day lol and see if they get anymore also call every YSL boutique including Neimans and Saks and tell them you want to be called if there is a return. Good luck!!!
  3. Bluefly, you're kidding!! I've been checking there several times a day. Thanks for the ideas!
  4. saw it on bluefly this morning.good luck
  5. I know the Yris chase is nuts. I saw an ivory one on Bluefly a few weeks ago, but it disappeared quickly. Good luck!
  6. Do you know which size it was? I'm still confused about the sizing on the Yris. I'm like a madwoman totally obsessed!!
  7. Size is 14½'' wide x 9½'' tall x 4½'' deep

    I don't believe it came in any other sizes.
  8. Well, that is so weird because the one that I saw seemed a lot bigger than the med muse which I had but sold because it was too small for me and my stuff!! I even took the paper out!