Ok. So I have to go to a funeral.....

  1. ......and, of course, I'm wearing black :rolleyes:. Black trousers, black crew-neck sweater, black heels, houndstooth black/white overcoat.

    But here's the crux of the matter. This is no ordinary funeral. This is a funeral for a man who's entire family attends the local Southern Baptist church......this means bright colors, big hats and lots of music.

    Can I get away with my Rouge H Birkin with Gold hardware? Or do I have to bring the Black Box Kelly.......:shrugs:
  2. Me - I'd play it safe and take the black box. Better to go conservative than be the only stand out at a funeral (just in case they all turn out in black, I mean).
  3. i agree with GF. black box.
  4. I think I would wear the Kelly..it will look more formal. Sorry to hear about your friend's passing..
  5. While Rouge H is not a bright red, I'd definitely stick with black box Kelly. It seems to call less attention than any Birkin.
  6. How well did you know him? Would he have WANTED you to come with your rouge H?

    Sometimes I think I'll stick to what I'm used to - in other words, I went to Catholic School and am generally expected to wear black or a dark colour to funeral services. So if I turned up to another religious service dressed in MY mourning attire, it wouldn't be disrespectful, just what they would expect from a Christian, know what I mean? Or am I rambling? LOL.....

    By the way - condolences, D. Funerals are hard, sometimes.
  7. I think you are good being from a Southern Baptists origin.......I think either way.

    and someone in my family passed and my grandmother showed up at the funeral with a fantastic hat and she told me he would have wanted it.

    she was def right. he would have wanted that!
  8. Black box, also since it's a funeral a smaller bag is more appropriate.
  9. Wear what he would have wanted you to. I´m sorry for your loss S´mom
  10. GG - you have a point. If you had come to my Grandmother's funeral she would have been THRILLED if you bought your brightest bag!
  11. I'd go for the black box as well. Maybe tuck a bright scarf in there, if you see many others in bright plumage, you can break out the scarf and tie it on the bag or on you.

    My deepest sympathies for your loss.
  12. ^now THERE'S a great idea.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Condolences to the family. As mentioned before the Black Box Kelly would be a better option seeing as it is a funeral.
  14. Aw, I am sorry, S'Mom.
    I love saligator's suggestion, though. Tasteful & respectful but still has the possibility of bringing out the color if it's warranted.
  15. Both Bags Are So Beautiful (& Of Course, Super Gorgeous S'Mom Outfit)......What Are You Comfortable In? That Could Be Your Answer. Many Who Are Close To The Person, Also Choose What The Person Would Want See Them In, As Said Above.